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We walked a lot. Never for the boy.Even worse, Facebook has taught girls and boys that it is perfectly okay to be hateful, to be racist, to be intolerant, to harass, to be homophobic, to be antisemitic, to hate women—all speech is okay on Facebook. For example, I am fascinated by the fact that rich people around me feel so comfortable with extreme right tendencies. The Germans don’t. Beyond sex they are perfectly useless for any woman. In a thousand pages, it depicts an array of colorful and frequently unsavory Parisians whom Ms. Despentes both skewers and humanizes: The misfits include musicians, drifters, playboys, bigots, homeless people, drug addicts and porn stars. She is a writer and director, known for Baise-moi (2000), Bye Bye Blondie (2012) and Mutantes (2009). She wrote her first novel.The novel was not censored. At times, while reading, it felt as though I was back in.Virginie Despentes is a caustic, funny, shrewd observer. I hate work. The next question is a variation on a questionnaire that Max Frisch developed. Michael J. Seidlinger interviewed Virginie Despentes at CrimeReads.. Warren Ellis wrote about Cynan Jones’s new book Stillicide.. At Hyperallergic, thoughts on a show of David Lynch’s paintings. My favorite occupation is doing nothing. I received the UK edition of this book as a gift a few months ago (it won’t be published in the US until later in 2019). Pub Date 05 Nov 2019. How can I myself know some of the privileged white people who feel the need to make their racist views public? And suddenly the wall comes down and the city gets bigger. When you feel guilty, you are scared. But he is a guy. A lot of cynical jokes about Jews who never came back. Well, not completely. On the other hand, a male character is cherished from the first paragraph. I don’t remember many people from my parents’ generation who worked all their lives and found themselves unemployed after turning 50. I was surprised by how the old French bourgeoisie felt entitled to give their opinion on things clearly outside of their cultural knowledge. If a video was published of a girl engaged in sexual action it was a scandal for her. I don’t have to choose them as enemies. Manual for Freedom, Research & Creativity.No. At the same time, you understand what aging means. But why? However, recent versions in,Another challenging-to-stage work of prose fiction is “.If Mr. Pucher’s production cleaves too closely to its source, Mr. Borgmann’s uses Mr. Houellebecq’s novel as a thematic springboard for a visually arresting, superbly acted meditation on love, happiness and immortality.The main character is a moody and hedonistic comedian, Daniel 1 (Peter Moltzen in an emotionally bold performance), who navigates the vicissitudes of aging, solitude and heartbreak. Questa voce è stata pubblicata il ottobre 21, 2019 da grammancino in antolog(a)y con tag 2019, Fandango libri, Francia, King Kong Théorie, King Kong theory, Maurizia Balmelli, nonfiction, Virginie Despentes. . On the first night I went to a party. In France, we basically hide everything that wasn’t cool. I’ve got great memories of Berlin in the 1980s. I don’t expect that to change. It meant everything to me, to us – and it took a long, cold time to give up that unique sensation. I don’t see how a movie like.With sex, it is far worse than it was 20 years ago. The latter is always a conundrum to me; while I’ve made some enduring friendships on Twitter, its addictive quality represents a serious distraction from reading and reflection. Growing up in small-city New Zealand, one of the highlights of the year was the International Film Festival. She’s still the boss.Both, definitely. She absolutely is a Rihanna.Why is this metro station called “Stalingrad”?Why did you write to me that the 26 is the best bus line in town?Because it is. Sex was free, sex was unpoliced, sex was cool, sex was intense… Why should I talk about something else? IMDb.com, Inc. takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the above news articles, Tweets, or blog posts. I think it just doesn’t forgive the people who live there for what the city is now. He is entitled to do whatever he wants. No hesitation. I was bringing girls who want sex but are not very seductive, I was bringing fat girls, angry girls, sex workers, raped girls, proletarian girls, I was bringing everything I was into the spotlight. And I want a precise description.I hate a lot of people – most of them I consider enemies. At the time I was 23, busy trying to have sex with as many hot guys  as I could—and I was pretty pragmatic about where “hotness” began, so the field of possibilities was tremendous. And what kind of animal?Are you scared of people who are poorer than you are?I am scared of misery. I’m still unusually angry and sensitive, but I’m getting more stable with age. A lot of people I meet today are spontaneously convinced that my experience of life was difficult because I did not study and did not think I belonged to the elite. Readers, no matter their gender, tend to be very judgmental towards female characters. And once you have a male character, your novel is seen as a portrayal of a generation. But almost.Holy shit. I sincerely believe that once it’s published, your work is done and the readers’ work begins. It takes time to research & produce so if everyone who reads it & likes it, helps to fund it, our future is more secure. Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy.Anger over return of old guard to revamped general assembly.The Cesar Academy, which distributes France’s equivalent to the Oscars, has unveiled new rules aimed at ramping up diversity and parity within its board.Get in touch to send in cinephile news and discoveries. For daily updates follow us @NotebookMUBI.NEWSBest known for iconic roles in,The 45th César Awards ceremony took place on Friday, February 28, at the Salle Pleyel in Paris to honor the best in French cinema of 2019 — and at a fractious moment for the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma. The readers are the ones who are truly doing the work. The UK has the BAFTAs. An Icarus who flies too close to the sun on the waxy wings of complacency and hubris, he falls from paradise into purgatory.Vernon is duly installed as D.J. There’s new writing by Bud Smith at The Nervous Breakdown.. Bedford + Bowery looked back on the 20th anniversary of Pete’s Candy Store.. At The Quietus, thoughts on the year’s best albums. It’s a bit complicated.What do you think is most essential for friendship between two persons? And they would be absolutely right to do so. Over the skies and the architectures of Paris, New York, and Beijing, a constant attraction redefies (sic) gravity.”.Unless you’re living in a cave, you’ve probably seen Greta Thunberg’s speech at the United Nations. It becomes political. Currently writes for The BookBlast Diary. The event was emceed by French comedian Florence Foresti, … The event was emceed by French comedian.As a contentious edition of France’s Cesar awards wrapped.The bombshell news about the resignation of the governing board of the Cesar Academy, which distributes France’s equivalent of the Oscars, was greeted with relief within the French film world on Friday.Collective resignation comes amid intense criticism of 45-year-old organisation over gender parity, diversity and transparency.Update: Variety reports that while the board of directors has announced their collective resignation, the move will not take hold until after the February 28 ceremony.The board overseeing the Cesar Academy, which distributes France’s equivalent of the Oscars, has revealed that it will resign following the Cesar Awards ceremony on Feb. 28. Why not be graphic? And if so, are they insensitive, or are they just lazy?I feel some people are really sensitive to my work – I’m less sensitive to my own work than many people are. It’s cool, but it’s strange.What’s your concept of an enemy? If people scream something and you neutralize them as provocative trouble-makers, you don’t actually have to listen to what they’re screaming about, or at least you don’t have to try to understand it. It was a statement. I gave him the trilogy and he said it’s the best thing he’s ever read in his whole life. No drug problems. All rights reserved. You have to choose one:What’s the biggest acceptable age difference in a friendship?I am learning now what it is like to approach being 50, so I am learning how it feels to meet friends who are young enough to be your children. Specifically the monologue of Alex Bleach on the audiotape. We’ve let these young girls become targets. She’s a Rihanna. Les couilles sur la table est un podcast de Victoire Tuaillon produit par Binge Audio. But you must have enemies; you’re not a hippie. I was 25 years old when it was published and the book immediately reached an audience who took it for what it was—hard-boiled punk literature. You are not crazy.”,“Breathing, reaching the horizon, looking at the future, no matter how long the night is. I became a writer with that book and was not bothered by harsh critics. As Vernon’s situation deteriorates, the feeling of page-turning anxiety increases.To each generation its dead-end pleasures and burnout. Their capacity of perception makes it worthwhile or not. For many of its members — including big names like.Cannes — Forging what could well be a fertile relationship.Cannes — The 2nd Canneseries festival ended Wednesday. I think of people who have a punk rock background, who have had life experiences outside of university, who have experienced working for money, who have experienced rejection. If you are French and you were educated with the idea that Nazism is bad, that killing millions of people is bad, that torture is bad, that slaughtering children is bad, then you might want to understand how the extreme right can become second party in your own country.We know who we are voting for, there is no innocence in that decision. The 26 is a good line. But what happened is that Berlin became a cheap fake of 30 other cities. If you refuse to confront the problem, there is little hope that you will be able to contribute to the solution. Really any person who dreams and fights for a political system where he or she could have me jailed or locked up or killed because I am a former slut or a feminist or a dyke, etc. Michael Orthofer included my blog in a post about personal-website/blog year-in … Because the bourgeoisie – in the western world at least – is convinced that it is a universal receptor. I might say that is my most unique and precious quality. in Residence. But coming from the other direction is better. You see it and you feel it and you think, “Wow.” It hasn’t forgiven itself, its own history.I don’t think so. Virginie Despentes was born on June 13, 1969 in Nancy, France as Virginie Daget. My number one external referrer in 2019 was,It’s only four years old but has the texture of cyberpunk science fiction, Stephenson’s.Style is central, a cynical even paranoid perspective, but without sacrificing completely the characters’ humanity. With so much of the script drawn verbatim from the novels, the production can often feel like a staged reading, especially if the books are fresh in your mind. An Apartment in Uranus. Pedro is felled by a heart attack, (predictable when your best friend is the white stuff). As a result,America has the Oscars. The sportswriter’s cruel lament. A more recent ensemble addition, Zeynep Bozbay, does impressive double duty as the porn actress Vodka Satana and her devout Muslim daughter, Aïcha.The production abounds with so many lively characterizations that it’s surprising that Mr. Pucher’s conception of the title role should be so subdued. It’s hard not to feel freaked out after watching the young activist — but what happens next? There was a spike in blog readership a few days ago. I hate work more than I love money. I was also earning money when needed with sex work. You’re too occupied with trying to understand people. Fóllame es la primera obra que leo de la autora francesa y me cuesta decir si me ha gustado; es tan cruda, tan violenta, tan excesiva… que hay momentos durante … I’ve been lucky as hell. I felt great at that time about the book’s reception. Of course they don’t. It’s the only institution in which I’d feel luckier to be a woman than to have been born a man.I’d say war – as long as it didn’t mean that everyone else who didn’t say “war” would have to experience a war because of me. If he had been a woman, having sex with anyone who offers him a couch, he would be severely judged. Your enemy-image? But it probably was at a certain point. Entretien enregistré jeudi 29 août 2019 dans le studio Virginie Despentes de Binge Audio. The MacLehose Press is an independently-minded imprint of Quercus Books, founded by Christopher MacLehose and publishing the very best, often prize-winning, literature from around the world; mainly in translation but with a few outstanding exceptions as English language originals.Format & content copyright © BookBlast® Ltd, London. Dramatizing known unknowns. In the novels, Vernon is indeed something of a cipher, but Ms. Despentes gives him charismatic, increasingly shamanistic force. Jean-No is killed in a car crash. Just toys, toys, toys. I imagine this as one of the greatest experiences you could have as a teenager. Images Courtesy FSG / Virginie Despentes Or you are stupid. I ask you that because I think describing someone’s work as “provocative” is often a form of invalidation. So I really wonder how you wrote it, what your process was. And France has the Césars, which comes with at least one major difference from its international brethren: their members are unable to vote for their leadership. In France it’s highly common, even acceptable, to loathe mature women. 17. Andy Warhol or Steve Jobs?Andy Warhol. I know it well: it has a Bricorama—like a French Home Depot—on the ground floor, where we sometimes had cause to shop back when we lived in the neighborhood. I don’t expect to find resolution anytime soon. It could have become the ultimate utopia. I understood they were what truly validated the novel. Vernon Subutex One by Virginie Despentes February 07, 2019. But he has no money at all. Stagiaire : Nadia Chapelle. Imagine being a teenager in the 90s in Berlin. Rencontre avec l'équipe de la série événement de Canal +, "Vernon Subutex", d'après les romans éponymes de Virginie Despentes, à l'occasion du festival "CanneSéries" (avril 2019). I suggest we crash this party, the sooner the better.I wrote the first draft in three weeks at my parent’s house while they were on vacation. That most people don’t really try to understand it, but instead just categorize or classify it? Through school harassment, bullying and revenge porn, social media has reinforced the idea of the female sexuality as deeply shameful. Probably because they’re constantly dealing with their historical trauma. You are not dead, yet, but you’re useless. The thoughts of a rapist, of a terrorist, of an antisemite, of a homophobe, of a racist – that’s interesting material for fiction. Yet even at its most unmoored, the production sustains its focused tone and fluid rhythm through a string of witty, dialogue-heavy scenes and stark visual touches. So yes, I am scared because I feel they should attack me as a white person who allowed what is happening now. You turn 50 and you suddenly understand you’re going to die. The production is heavy on music and projected video and text, and the energetic actors frequently bound across the multiple levels of a mostly bare stage or speak into a microphone. Add to basket. No one has ever judged Vernon Subutex for his sexuality, for example. Difference within sameness. It is a narrative that is perfectly in tune with our post-war awareness that advanced societies do not by default become more humane or civilised, quite the reverse in fact.Despentes’ Paris is not the city of Benjamin’s bourgeois flaneur, but more in tune with the concrete jungle of Baudelaire. This feeling changed a lot once I was published.After a whole year of writer’s block, I used cocaine to write my third novel.I was bringing myself into the spotlight. With Romain Duris, Céline Sallette, Laurent Lucas, Flora Fischbach. For others, it’s to bring as much light as you can to what’s going on. What I do want to provoke – what I myself search for when I read or listen to artists – is a feeling of: “You are not alone. Despentes is probably best known for “Baise-Moi,” a shocking novel about rape and revenge that she wrote in 1993 and adapted into a,“Vernon Subutex” has earned its author comparisons to Balzac and George Eliot for its kaleidoscopic portrayal of French society. This time it felt like the city has not forgiven itself. I feel like a lot of what I’ve tried to say in public has been neutralized this way. The 45th César Awards ceremony took place on Friday, February 28, at the Salle Pleyel in Paris to honor the best in French cinema of 2019 — and at a fractious moment for the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma. Nos experts vous parlent de Virginie Despentes Revue de presse du 23 au 28 décembre 2019 - ce qu'il ne faut pas manquer Retrouvez chaque semaine notre revue de presse, récapitulatif de l'actualité littéraire. I still don’t get it, especially if you happen to be a heterosexual woman, sex might be the only good thing men bring into your life. Founder (1997) of London-based writing agency BookBlast.Subscribe to The BookBlast® Diary to receive posts & news by email.You have successfully subscribed to our mail list.Too many subscribe attempts for this email address.Post was not sent - check your email addresses!Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Easy-going Vernon had drifted through Parisian night life, lost in music and high on sex and drugs, oblivious to time passing and how people change. “.Friends marry, some move to the provinces, while others die. If I’m writing a book or directing a movie, I think of people who would understand where I take things from – and where I’m trying to take them. Virginie Despentes est probablement l'une des écrivaines françaises du XXème siècle les plus transgressives, avec une œuvre qui traite l'obscène et la toxicomanie dans un style brut et oral. I had a very strong belief in the life I was living when I was a young person – I really felt I entered punk rock like other people might enter a religion. They chose me as a particularly good target decades ago: I represent a lot of things they hate or fear. I’ll say it again: best line in town.I think there’s a magic line in Berlin too. Do you sometimes think that the world is not sensitive enough to understand the contradictions in your work? The Kammerspiele’s sensational Wiebke Puls is well cast as the producer’s henchman, a social-media-savvy purveyor of career-ending rumors known as the Hyena. Bigotry of all shapes and stripes is given vivid and memorable expression. Also, I quit alcohol for 17 years. The production toggles among episodes from his life, including a doomed love affair with a woman several decades his junior (the magnetic Cynthia Micas, a new member of the ensemble) and, thousands of years in the future, reflections on our moribund planet by Daniel’s clones — he’s been reincarnated 25 times.Daniel 24, nicknamed “the old prophet,” is a Zen-preaching seer played with both gravity and a smirk by the remarkable Wolfgang Michael. And I was willing to write about a pro-sex feminism that was American, that was not widely spread in France, a feminism brought by Annie Sprinkle, Lydia Lunch or Candida Royale, and many others in the ‘80s and the ‘90s. I wrote a novel with characters very motivated to get laid. You are becoming a stranger in your own neighborhood. But I knew what I wanted to try to express, and it was really personal. Jokes about their own brutal history. I like the humor of Céline but I’m not a big fan of his work.Would you rather die or live on as a healthy animal? Notably, this year marked my first reading of Mircea Cărtărescu, Hermann Broch, Mircea Eliade, Jon Fosse, Renee Gladman and Ricardo Piglia, each writers whose work I would like to explore further.If I was compelled to narrow down the year to a single brilliant book, it would be Mircea Cărtărescu’s,Seventy percent of the visitors here came via search, mostly Google, with Twitter referring 18% of visitors. She is at her best when crooning rock and pop songs into a microphone with transfixing coolness. We adults who know better have done nothing to protect the young girls and to educate young boys. Every small gift (preferably recurring!) This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. If you maybe even wrote it before you started with the trilogy.Honestly, I wrote the whole book part by part, outside of the final chronology – so this text was written god knows when. Any person who is politically interested in reestablishing religious laws or authoritarian systems. I would say we are far more sex-phobic than we were 20 years ago. The year Despentes’ now cult classic,Years later, wary of a feminist rhetoric that seemed to spring from victimhood, the traditional view of gendered sexuality that rape, sexual violence, assault, became things that defined you, or even ruined you, I came across Despentes’ again, specifically her theoretical text.Despentes’ literary career spans decades. Berlin was a wasteland, new and old at the same time. My ratio of male-to-female writers has changed markedly over the ten years of this blog, not by any particular design, just exposure to a wider range of writing.Fifty-two percent of my reading was of writers I read for the first time. He’s kind of a Vernon. Things change without you, there is a strong sense of decay.In France, what’s new for my generation is when you lose your job at 50, the job market does not want you anymore. I mean, everyone wants those audiotapes without knowing what’s on them. It also contrasts with Cusk’s confined, rather claustrophobic trilogy of middle-class life, offering an alternative set of keys to understanding the ethical dilemmas of human experience in the late-capitalist modern city.Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.2019 in Review at Time’s Flow Stemmed by Numbers,Geoffrey Hill's Professor of Poetry lectures,The Secret History of Western Esotericism. Their lives all intersect with that of Vernon, a mild-mannered.Compared with that earlier outing, “Vernon Subutex” feels more stripped down and frontal. It is less clear which time period Sina Martens and Gerrit Jansen, speaking a mixture of English and German, inhabit as a dynamic artistic duo who appear dressed as clowns in Andy Warhol wigs. Hubert Selby Jr, Jay McInerney, Toby Litt, Irvine Welsh and now Virginie Despentes bring it all alive, each in their way. We are all part of the problem.I turned 50 this summer and I don’t think the main message has changed a lot. Describing something as provocative is generally a bourgeois assumption. So I started to realize that maybe life was sending me a message: “Could you please try to be less radically negative about everything?” It’s hard to change your thoughts, but I suppose I’ve partially succeeded. With Romain Duris, Céline Sallette, Laurent Lucas, Flora Fischbach. Some, like the omnipresent neon sign proclaiming “L’éternité,” are self-evident, while others, including the giant flowers that threaten to take over the stage or the large panda bear doll in Daniel 1’s apartment, are more cryptic.Mr. The writing moves fluidly in and out of the points of view of the characters, alternating between first and third person which gives the story intimacy and a layered density.BOOKBLAST | IMPRINT OF THE MONTH | As subdivisions or departments of bigger publishers, imprints break up monolithic companies, give space to individual editors to stamp their list with a defining character and originality, and reassure authors that they are not disappearing into the corporate ether. If the long, involving evening can sometimes seem,Given the novels’ ambitious structure and scope, staging “Vernon Subutex” might seem quixotic. . I did not realize that as a girl I was not supposed to do the same, that I was supposed to bury any sexual activity under shame. If you take her to the park.Yes. But I feel really lucky to have had the youth I had.Scorsese. I love Coppola’s cinema, but it did not have the impact Scorsese had on me – as a filmmaker and as a personality.Madonna, obviously. Textual quotes copyright © the respective authors. The M29.Not nothing. You’re 14 or 15, you start going out and you start falling in love, and you start to conquer the city you were born in. And they could have built something out of that experience. It’s the center of the story somehow. It did not exactly meet the expectations of traditional French literature and therefore was sometimes heavily criticized, but it was not censored. Nothing in our culture prepares us for this news. Bertrand is done in by cancer. And the Uber drivers were nothing but sad, sad, sad. There is no room for social niceties and political correctness in this lurid version of Parisian society.One of the least pleasant characters is Laurent Dopalet (a disarming Jochen Noch), a vain and paranoid film producer who will stop at nothing to recover some incriminating video cassettes rumored to be among Vernon’s few remaining possessions. What was sweet turns sour. Sections. becomes a “.The teeming capital city has a life of its own, offsetting Vernon’s physical decline: libraries, swanky flats, the Buttes-Chaumont, park benches, neighbourhood bars, McDonalds, the supermarket Monoprix, riding the Métro, sleeping rough in ATM booths, the view from the pavement . Has written for 3am magazine, words without borders, The Independent, The Lady, Banipal, Prospect Magazine, Times Literary Supplement. What is so upsetting about sexuality that it should never enter direct representation?When I wrote it I had read so many novels that revolved around male sexuality and were considered classics. Nazis. This wasn’t a year for the nineteenth century or earlier.Fifty-eight percent of the books I read were written by men. Berlin did everything wrong. If he wants to buy your book for ten euros, he knows he’ll have to eat less for three days. I am feminist, but I identify with a feminism that wants more porn, that wants rights for sex workers, that wants to talk about rape beyond those of rich heterosexual white woman.What’s different, in my opinion, is the public reception. I wasn’t doing much cocaine when I was 23, and certainly did not need it to write at that time. Virginie Despentes is a caustic, funny, shrewd observer. Women suffer twice as hard here. It came as a surprise when old French men would draw the line between what subjects a young woman should bring to the public debate, and what tone she should use.I wrote the novel shortly after discovering Kathy Acker’s short stories. But no tits. 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