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Molotov and Starz, announced today that Starzplay, the international premium streaming service, is now available on Molotov for4.99€ per month, with no commitment. In addition, and to better cope with home confinement, Molotov offers all of its subscribers nearly fifty channels with their replay, including in particular (non-exhaustive) live and vod programmes: Molotov hopes, on his own scale, to contribute to national solidarity by helping everyone to overcome this period of confinement and uncertainty. 217 talking about this. TracePlay will benefit from Molotov Solution’s full application suite which has already attracted about 12 million users in France. Our new free AVoD offer will thus allow our 13 million users to watch or re-watch monuments of the cinema for the first time in France, and only on Molotov. Action; Artist; Professional; Marker & Refills. In 2018, Molotov will keep adding premium content to its offer and continue to develop innovative features to make people rediscover TV. Besoin d'aide ? Con más de veinte años de trayectoria, Molotov, ganadora de cuatro premios Grammy Latinos, es una de las bandas más icónicas de la música protesta y el rock hispano. Selected in the French government's French Tech 120 index, in the top 10 Top Start-ups LinkedIn 2020, and awarded "Best Application of the Year" four times by App Store (Apple), Google Play (Android) and AppAnnie users, Molotov has more than 12 million registered users after only 4 years of existence, making it the French leader in streaming program distribution. Together, we will build the most beautiful audiovisual experience of afro-urban entertainment ", said Olivier Laouchez, CEO of Trace. It enables you to change your IP address to one that will be acceptable to the channel you want to stream. On busy nights, our viewers now add up to 5% of the French TV audience - only a year and a half after we launched. The French streaming service has seen its user base grow from 10 to 11.5 millions since January, a +57% increase in average time spent on the platform, concluded a dozen new distribution agreements (180 channels and editors available today), launched “Molotov pour l’Ecole”, and more. Molotov Source TV on Panasonic Smart TVs is : “We are very pleased to innovate with Panasonic to launch what will be tomorrow’s TV access. Molotov TV est un service de streaming gratuit extrêmement populaire en France, il propose plus de 35 chaînes de télévision françaises avec des milliers d’heures de contenu en direct et à la demande. After enjoying a 63% increase in time spent on its platform and an 82% increase in subscriptions in 2019, Molotov has crossed in January the symbolic 10 million user threshold (10x in less than 2 years). As OTT’s adoption is rapidly spreading, Molotov has established itself as an industry leader in France. A video platform in the cloud with Live, Replay and On Demand; A complete back office suite with interface control, content editorialization, users and offers management, and data analysis; A flexible and robust API that seamlessly interconnects with third party applications (CRM, analytics, payments) and telecom operators to promote Trace’s content offerings on STBs and to propose a SSO login and carrier billing to users; Mobile and tablet applications (iOS and Android), responsive browser-based web application and on large screens with Chromecast, Android TV and Apple TV ; A proprietary video player compatible with ABR (adaptive bitrate streaming), multilingual and integrating features such as pause/resume, Start Over (return to the beginning of the current live program in 1 click), fast forward and rewind, channel hopping; Flagship features such as multi-language, delinearization of streaming programs, radio and podcasts, personality tracking, "Watch List", In-App-Purchase, parental control, and many more. Dans cette vidéo, je vous explique et montre comment installer Molotov et comment l'utiliser. USA - CANADA TOUR 2019 (English Follows) Una de las bandas latinoamericanas más legendarias hace su debut en Canada! Molotov announces today the launch of Mango, an ad-supported free offer of movies, documentaries, TV shows and content for kids. In less than a year, a million of people have a Molotov account (april 2017). We are very pleased to complete this offer with the extremely high quality content from SchoolMouv. We also do some photography and drone services. It enhances the channels’ editorial proposition, extends its attraction across different time windows (e.g. Comment Regarder Molotov TV à l’extérieur de la France. Welcome! Action; Artist; Professional; Empty; Zubehör & Merchandise; Benutzerkonto; Produktlinien. Want to see Molotov in concert? Molotov TV is a French TV streaming service. This initiative shows once again that the entrepreneurial world can mobilize quickly during an unprecedented period to support parents, students and teachers. Mango embodies Molotov's philosophy and mission: offering programs accessible to all, both free and paid with the best user experience, while providing publishers and content providers with a complementary and solid revenue model". En effet après des tests, l’équipe a constaté que l’option « Plus » ne suffisait pas pour débloquer Molotov TV à l’étranger (aux États-Unis, au Canada ou en Australie par exemple). Molotov Source TV is revolutionizing the TV customer experience by acting as a virtual set-top-box on Panasonic smart TVs: the TV set-top-box, and both the DTT and satellite antenna is useless, as Molotov becomes the TV provider directly integrated into the TV set without any third party material or … », For Shannon Picardo, founder and CEO of SchoolMouv, « At SchoolMouv we have been working to democratize academic support for a long time. “Panasonic is proud to partner with Molotov to revolutionize the customer experience on its TVs. Action; Artist; Professional; Industrial; Marker & Refills . Discussions are currently underway with other publishers. Amazon is guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence and long-term thinking. MolotovTv has 32 repositories available. Molotov TV allows you to watch 35 french TV channels live and on demand.. Molotov TV is available only in France but you can watch Molotov outside France with unblock Molotov TV in any country you just need to create an account on for Free then setup your device using one of the configuration guide available below. (C) 2006 Universal Music Latino#Molotov #HereWeKum #Vevo *The Molotov Skill is available on second-generation Echo Show devices. 18 months after its start, more than 4 million French are watching TV with Molotov. This B2B solution is aimed at professionals, enabling them to create, manage, host and editorialize both linear and non-linear, free and paid platforms (subscriptions, fee-for-service), live channels and video on demand content. Martes, Ago 13 | Latin World - 1028 St. Clair Ave W. [5-8pm] Miércoles, Ago 14 | Frisaca - 592 Queen St. W. [6-9pm] AUGUST 15 How to install the Molotov TV app abroad? Il vous sera donc obligatoire d’acquérir un VPN pour pouvoir accéder et regarder Molotov TV depuis l’étranger ! For JeanDavid Blanc, Molotov’s CEO :Molotov is achieving rapid and exciting growth in France. Molotov is a Mexican rap rock band formed in Mexico City in 1995. Molotov is available on the french app stores (Apple, Google, Android TV, Amazon, Samsung and LG smart TVs) Molotov completes that offering with audiovisual courses for secondary school students produced by the Toulouse-based start-up SchoolMouv, one of France’s leading online platforms dedicated to student help. For the first time, the French public will be able to find free on demand big box office hits from the catalog of the American major, such as Seven Years in Tibet with Brad Pitt, Memoirs of a geisha by Rob Marshall, Perfect stranger with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis or From here to eternity with Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift and Deborah Kerr. With a 20% monthly growth, Molotov now aims to triple its audience over the coming 18 months. Bonjour Eric, Merci pour l'intérêt que vous portez à Molotov :) Nous adorerions offrir Molotov depuis l’étranger, mais pour des raisons de droits, les chaînes de télévision françaises sont accessibles uniquement depuis la France Métropolitaine, les DROM COM, ainsi qu’à Monaco et Andorre. The offer will then be offered at €4.99/month with no commitment. Entertainment advertisers (cinema, streaming platforms, live shows), headed by Sophie Alliel, former CEO of Talent Group. This is a very comprehensive and global project, which demonstrates the scope of Molotov Solutions' services and the capabilities of its team in France and internationally ", said François Le Pichon, COO of Molotov. Molotov, in collaboration with its TV broadcaster partners, wishes to support its subscribers in this challenging times and will do so by making available a wide variety of programs. Customer reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Amazon Echo and Alexa are some of the products and services pioneered by Amazon. Molotov Source TV is revolutionizing the TV customer experience by acting as a virtual set-top-box on Panasonic smart TVs: the TV set-top-box, and both the DTT and satellite antenna is useless, as Molotov becomes the TV provider directly integrated into the TV set without any third party material or additional costs. Dosen. Molotov has started a revolution in France. Savings: free access, no TV box rental fees. Dosen … A fast-growing young company, Molotov is now being enjoyed by 5 million users and targets to become a leader in OTT TV distribution. This offers’ evolution is being processed in the frame of the cross-border portability of online content services regulation. Molotov, who has already received multiple awards for its technological and commercial innovations, will continue to disrupt the market in 2020. For Jean-David Blanc, CEO & founder: “Molotov continues to relentlessly innovate, and we are very proud to have been selected once more by our users. Relying in particular on its own patents and certifications from manufacturers and Big Techs (Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Apple, Google, Amazon, etc. catch up, recording in the cloud, start-over, time shifting, etc.). For more information, visit follow@AmazonNewsFR. How To Stream Molotov TV Outside France. MolotovGratuitPegi3TV Direct - Replay - EnregistrementsGoogle Play - App Store - MAC - Windows - Linux ». Molotov offers a unique experience combining linear and non-linear programs from more than 220 content publishers and television channels in a single interface. Gratuitement. We work every day to diversify and enrich our offers, free and paid*, with leading content publishers and studios, French and international.” says Grégory Samak, General Manager of Molotov. The Laval police department (SPL) is asking for the public's assistance in identifying a suspect seen throwing a Molotov cocktail at a private residence. More than ever before, Molotov pursues its ambition to become a universal television provider, accessible throughout the globe, and continues to reinvent its distribution platform of premium content. About ten agreements have already been signed with content providers such as Kabillion, Zylo, ACI, FIP, ZED, Ampersand, Sonar, ITV, Mediawan, Trade Media & Dynamic, Crome Films, and discussions are underway with Sony Pictures, Endemol, Lionsgate, Wild Bunch... Molotov has been working actively on Mango for almost a year, creating in house: Ad-supported video-on-demand (AVod) is the spearhead of new platforms in the U.S., where the watch-time spent by users is now greater than on SVoD* platforms. DR. MOLOTOW will help you along! We videographers and film makers who are dedicated to making videos for personal and freelance projects. Wherever he appears, there are exciting … The 120 selected startups are among the most promising companies in the country and have the potential to become global technology leaders. We work daily to develop Molotov, pursuing our original ambition: to reinvent the TV experience, focusing on the quality and abundance of TV channels, thanks to a service that is both simple and accessible to every generation of user.”. This audience reconquest is positioning Molotov as a strategically important partner for broadcasters. Molotov’s knowledge of the business and technological skills allow the company to position itself naturally as one of the leaders on the OTT B2B market, in France and internationally. View all concerts. Molotov Solutions benefits from the expertise of its multi-award winning consumer platform. Molotov’s technology will allow TracePlay to empower its audiences to connect with Afro-urban culture seamlessly using: "The digital and non-linear consumption of TV and radio channels and content continues to grow, especially among young and urban audiences who particularly enjoy Trace. Founded by JeanDavid Blanc, AlloCiné’s creator (French web leader in cinema), Pierre Lescure, founder of Canal+ and Jean-Marc Denoual (former manager at TF1), Molotov wants to revolutionize television with a multidevice and multiscreen platform. We are currently based in Niagara Falls, ON. The constant improvement of its developments since its inception, its innovations hailed by the whole industry, and the daily management of several million users, are all structuring advantages. The platform will be distributed in 180 countries (a first for Molotov), notably in Africa, Europe, Caribbean and North and South America. Cross-border portability will give our users a greater freedom. More than 1,000 programs are available at launch, mainly films (action, comedy, romance, fantasy, drama, youth films), historical or scientific documentaries, and cartoons, renewed weekly. molotov tv canada. Molotov pour l'Ecole aims at enriching our children’s learning by bringing together all relevant television programs seamlessly organized by grade (K through 12) and by theme (personalities, historical events, science...), thus transforming television into a real and user-friendly educational tool. Molotov launches Molotov Source TV, a service allowing users to watch linear TV, Replay and on-demand programs on their Panasonic smart TV, without any third party set-top-box or antenna. To switch from one device to another: start on a smartphone, keep watching on the TV, even for a live program that you'll pick up where you left off. Molotov is the first TV distributor to make its debut on Amazon Echo Show smart displays, offering a TV experience adapted to new uses: voice-controlled TV with Alexa. For JeanDavid Blanc (CEO and founder of Molotov) : "It was logical for Molotov to introduce in France the AVoD model. Created by JeanDavid Blanc (founder of AlloCiné) and Pierre Lescure (co-founder of Canal+), Molotov is a new generation distribution platform which revolutionizes the access to television, available on all screens and connected devices. Alle Produkte; Dosen. Vous pouvez ensuite ajouter à volonté des chaînes, des programmes, grâce à des options. In addition to live information, there are news, investigation, documentary broadcasts and all subjects related to the event. Avec Molotov Source TV sur vos Smart TV Hisense Vidaa4, accédez à tous vos programmes télé directement et simplement et découvrez une nouvelle expérience télé sans décodeur ! It allows you to find the best of the children's channels, to (re)-discover the greatest cartoon heroes from today's cartoons, and on-demand programs of very high quality without advertising. It will soon introduce new and unique functionalities to its users, as well as innovative tools for the content editors and/or channels, such as the « SmartPaywall » (for subscription-based content editors) and « SmartAdServing » (for ad-supported content editors). Viacom’s channels (*) will incorporate the pay-tv packages of the platform. Founded by JeanDavid Blanc (creator of AlloCiné) and Pierre Lescure (founder of Canal+), Molotov is an OTT distribution platform that has revolutionized access to television, and is available on all screens and connected devices (TechCrunch). => Molotov was launched in France in july 2016 and now gathers almost 5 million users. DR. MOLOTOW KNOWS BEST! In addition, Molotov is ready for the new European portability offering. Gratuitement. Access to Molotov is free and options can be added (the free version gives access to 34 channels including all DTT, options detailed below). They are therefore guaranteed access to innovative, reliable and efficient products, delivered within extremely competitive deadlines. Enjoy it unrestricted with Smart DNS Proxy. French OTT platform Molotov has started rolling out in Africa, with an initial launch in Ivory Coast, where it claims to have already generated “tens of thousands” of subscribers. The announcement of Molotov Solutions is in line with a very successful 2020 beginning for Molotov. This illustrates both the relevance of the Molotov platform and the recognition of its significant development opportunities, as well as its contribution to the French industry. Alle Produkte; Dosen. Music video by Molotov performing Here We Kum. Starzplay’s rapid expansion into 50 countries since its launch in May of 2018 is driven by its ability to provide subscribers access to the “best in global SVOD.” The content offering comprises the entire catalog of STARZ premium content, with upcoming STARZ Originals airing exclusively on Starzplay day-and-date with the US, exclusive award-winning and critically acclaimed first-run series and a vast library of blockbuster feature films. 167 talking about this. At the beginning of December, Molotov was awarded by Android users the Google Play “Best App 2018”. The company has also recently been selected to join the French Tech 120 index as one of the most innovative start-ups in France. When it launches in the Spring 2021, it will be available in French, English and Portuguese. (*) NICKELODEON JUNIOR, NICKELODEON, NICKELODEON TEEN, NICKELODEON +1, PARAMOUNT CHANNEL, PARAMOUNT CHANNEL DECALE, COMEDY CENTRAL, MTV, MTV HITS, BET, GAME ONE, J-ONE, and the personalized TV services MY MTV and MY NICKELODEON JUNIOR. The BET, GAME ONE and PARAMOUNT channels were already available on the platform which now expands its selection with Entertainment channels focused for instance on Music (with the MTV channels), Comedy (with COMEDY CENTRAL) and « simulcast » Japanese animation (with J-ONE). In july 2016, the French discover a new OTT platform that shows the incredible wealth of the TV offer. We are convinced that this service will provide them with a unique user experience,” said Romain Chollet, Marketing and Communication Director of Panasonic France-Belux. Besoin d'aide ? “Molotov Kids & Teens is the most affordable children's/teens' offer on the market and one of the most extensive. Molotov pour l’Ecole is free. A selection of emblematic movies from the American studio Sony Pictures has been added to Mango, the free VOD offer launched by Molotov in mid-November. Starting march 20th, the Molotov users will be able to travel in Europe and get full access to French TV content. Designed to bring together linear and non-linear content consumption in a seamless fashion, Molotov is based on TV channels’ editorial make up. Dosen … Youscribe... More information on Molotov is thus continuing its premium content distribution strategy with Starz.» says Grégory Samak, General Manager of Molotov. Molotov provides access to over 170 linear and non linear, free and pay channels, including over 30.000 titles refreshed daily, and it is continually seeking to improve its content offer. «Partnering with Molotov, an innovative leader in France, is an exciting opportunity for Starzplay to strengthen our presence in the market and give even more subscribers access to our massive library of exclusive original series and curated content,», said Superna Kalle, Executive Vice President, International Digital Networks for Starz. Using the Molotov platform, TracePlay will offer more than 25 live TV channels, 100 radio channels and some 1,000 hours of on-demand content. Molotov allows the seamless integration of linear and non-linear programs of over 170 content editors and channels within a revolutionary user experience. «Molotov and Starz are delighted with this agreement, which provides the platform's 13 million users with a magnificent catalog of films and series. Having already received two awards in the year it was launched - “App of the Year” by Apple App Store and “Most Entertaining” by Google Play -, Molotov can add this new distinction to its glowing track record, highlighting the quality of its service. ), on all screens and connected devices (mobile, TV, desktop, smart TV, consoles). Molotov is France’s leading independent OTT TV platform. Malheureusement, cette exclusivité française est indisponible hors, Molotov TV is an extremely popular free streaming service in France, it offers over 35 French TV channels with thousands of hours of content both live and on demand. Paid options including Molotov Plus, Molotov Extended, OCS, Ciné+, AdultSwim, Spicee, the African and Maghreb thematic packages, the NFL Game Pass, the Gamer Zone pack, Schoolmouv... User-friendly ergonomics, unique features such as cloud storage for recording, and a multi-award-winning application. Amazon Echo Show devices are also available in the services provided by Molotov Solutions, the B2B branch of the streaming platform. Finally, unlike most of the classic "kids" bundles available on the boxes, our Kids & Teens offering is immediately accessible on all the family's screens," says Grégory Samak, Managing Director of Molotov. MOLOTOW™ Train; MOLOTOW.TV; PROJECTS; MOLOTOW™ & Friends; EVENTS; PRODUCT FEEDBACKS; Shop . 37K likes. The 1,000 courses (worth 19.99€ /month) will be available free of charge until May 15th (date supposed to be the end of confinement for students in France), so that all students can benefit from the service until the schools reopen. Molotov reconnects an audience that traditional TV had feared lost: people below the age of 51 (average age of French TV watcher). La difficulté vient, cependant, lorsque vous voulez regarder le contenu exclusif Molotov TV en dehors de la juridiction géographique de la France. It will allow them to stay in touch with France through television events. Television channels offer many programs such as news and information shows, documentaries, and movies which illustrate school curricula in an effective and entertaining way. Granted three times “Best application of the year” by the App-Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android) users, and with over 9.5 million users after only 3 years of existence, Molotov has become the French leader in OTT TV distribution (OTT “over-the-top”). « Such deal will strengthen our historic partnership and will enable the public in France to benefit from the rich variety of Viacom’s content, with all the innovation and fluidity Molotov consistently provides to the users », said Grégory Samak, Managing Director of Molotov. Trace, the international media group dedicated to empowerment and entertainment of afro-urban people, has entrusted Molotov Solutions to develop and operate the new version of its OTT platform, TracePlay. Find information on all of Molotov’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2021-2022. You are interested in insider tips?

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