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Osama bin Laden tracked Prince Harry’s planned deployment to Iraq, according to documents found at the al-Qaeda leader’s compound.. Makes me puke! Prince Harry spent 10 years in the British military, including two tours of duty in Afghanistan. Prince Harry is taking part in Army exercises on Salisbury Plain this week as he prepares for his deployment to Iraq. The prince had repeatedly said he wanted to be deployed with his men [AP] Admittadly, Iraq is probably the most dangerous place he could be deployed right now but terrorism is international and wherever he goes terrorists will be out to get him. More recent article saying he may not be allowed. What a morale booster for the common man. Prince Hamza is pictured with his mother Queen Noor, the US-born fourth wife of King Hussein, in 2004. The 21-year-old, who is third in line to the throne, is to join the Blues and Royals regiment of the Household Cavalry. Prince Harry – known in the Army as 2 nd Lieutenant (Cornet) Wales – graduated from Sandhurst military college last year. "Prince Harry's thoughts are with his troops and the rest of the battle group in Iraq." The college specializes in training officers for combat operations. Prince Harry, the third in line to the British throne, will not be sent to serve in Iraq after military commanders decided it was too dangerous. Prince Harry in Iraq: A helpless child in desolate country . The decision by the British military that Prince Harry is not to go to Iraq will be a great disappointment to the Prince. (AP: Hussein Malla) In 2004, King Abdullah removed royal succession from Prince … Prince Harry visits Portsmouth to lay the foundation stone for the new Mary Rose museum and present Iraq service medals to Royal Navy personnel. Harry, once dubbed a royal wild child, graduated as an army officer in April before joining a regiment that could be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. The prince was praised by Prime Minister Tony Blair as a "brave and determined young man" with "a very special character". The authorities have now decided that Mrs Windsors little boy doesn't have to go to Iraq. but because of media, news of his arrival will get there before he does. Prince Harry will be deployed with his unit to Iraq, chief of the general staff General Sir Richard Dannatt reiterated. There's 145 families in the UK wishing their children hadn't been sent. Dannatt, who did not rule out Harry, who is known as Cornet Wales in his regiment, deploying to Iraq in the future, acknowledged that he would not be happy. It would definitely cause some serious issues if he's killed, even more so if he's captured in Iraq. I find it interesting that Prince Harry will be deployed to Basra Iraq and the Royal family isn't pulling any strings to stop him. Here is a young man that wants to lead his men in this fight, and now General Dannatt says "no." And on Monday Prince Harry, ... a members-only club that supports men and women who have been badly scarred and disfigured in combat in Afghanistan or Iraq. How British. Harry's frontline machinegun firefight with the Taliban and other breathless Propaganda! Prince Harry not to serve in Iraq Head of British army says threat to prince from fighters in Iraq is too great. Do you think he is in more danger than others because of his stature? The Prince has been trained to command 11 men as a troop leader in a reconnaissance role. General Sir Richard Dannatt said the prince's deployment would pose a threat to him and those serving alongside him. PRINCE HARRY has a tragic link to the destruction Iranian General Qassem Soleimani brought to Iraq in 2007, according to a recently released documentary. Le prince Henry (couramment surnommé « Harry » [Note 1]), duc de Sussex [Note 2], né Henry Charles Albert David [Note 3] le 15 septembre 1984 au St Mary's Hospital de Paddington à Londres, est un membre de la famille royale britannique.Petit-fils de la reine Élisabeth II et du prince Philip, duc d'Édimbourg, il est le second fils de Charles, prince de Galles et de Lady Diana Spencer. Harry would carry out "a normal troop commander's role" serving with his Blues and Royals regiment, they said. The head of the British army said Monday that he had personally decided that Prince Harry, the third in line to the throne, will serve with a combat unit in Iraq. Prince Harry could serve in Iraq, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed. In my opinion, I support the idea to not let him go. In 2007, the now-Duke of Sussex was told by the then-Chief of the General Staff that he would not be sent to Iraq due to a security threat. Article confirming it. The story. "Terrorists Vow to Kidnap or Kill Prince Harry in Iraq" — FOX News, March 5, 2007 Share this: This page has been automatically archived by a robot, and is no longer publicly editable. Prince Harry's thoughts are with his troop and the rest of the Battle Group in Iraq." Rather, Cornet Wales, as … Now, I am not for this illegal war by any means, but I can bet you the farm that anyone in Washington would pull every string to get their… Prince Harry’s duties would be to lead “a troop of 12 men in four Scimitar armed reconnaissance vehicles, each with a crew of three.” The Evening … Prince Harry will not be sent to Iraq because of the "unacceptable risks", the head of the British army has said. Prince Harry, the third in line to the throne, will not be sent to serve in Iraq after military commanders decided it was too dangerous. It was not Buckingham Palace or Boujis that Prince Harry visited for a final piece of preparation before his deployment to Iraq. … Will they try everything to get him to use him as a tool for thier own gain for either money or to end this war? Around 3,500 soldiers from 1 Mechanised Brigade will spend this week carrying out mock-up operations to simulate everything from routine patrols to arresting dangerous insurgents. While I understand the security implications, I can only imagine what Harry and his troops feel about his being left behind. I commend the Prince for wanting to be with his troops in Iraq. Prince Harry, known as Prince Henry of Wales, who was recently set to leave for Iraq with his regiment, has been prohibited from going. Now in my opinion this means Prince Harry might aswell leave the army now. Prince Harry on a training exercise exercise at the elite Sandhurst academy, November 2005. While Harry has stepped down as … Prince Harry's regiment is to be sent to Iraq for a six-month tour of duty, defence officials have confirmed.

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