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AMA - against medical advice (or American Medical Association) ASAP - as soon as possible. Low levels of hemoglobin may be caused by anemia, blood loss, nutritional deficiency, bone marrow problems, chemotherapy, kidney failure, or sickle cell disease.Hemoglobin A1c or HbA1c is a protein on the surface of red blood cells. Common causes include It was adopted as an official A.A. symbol at the International Convention in St. Louis in 1955, and from that point on was widely used in the Fellowship. MedWatch: The FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program. What does diabetes have to do with obesity and diet? Treatments of sinus infections are generally with antibiotics and at times, home remedies. Feb 13, 2009 #1 tydek07 Forum Captain. Those are subtle reminders of the history of the Periodic Table and the process of the discovery of elements over the millennia. Historically, poor penmanship and lack of standardization was the root cause of many of the prescription errors. Search options; Acronym Meaning; How to Abbreviate; List of Abbreviations; Popular categories; Business; Medical; Military; Slang; Technology; Clear; Daily top. These general medical terms are oftentimes abbreviated for ease of communication. High hemoglobin count may be caused by dehydration, smoking, emphysema, tumors, or abuse of Epogen. Official “Do Not Use” List. Type 1 diabetes. Animal and Veterinary. If all this,Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Symbols is a sample topic from the Taber's Medical Dictionary.. To view other topics, please sign in or purchase a subscription.. Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary Online + App from F.A. What do they mean?Physical Exam: Why Does Your Doctor Do That?. Triggers for migraine headaches include certain foods, stress, hormonal changes, strong stimuli (loud noises), and oversleeping. statement of medical necessity SMS: senior medical student SMT: spinal manipulative therapy: SMV: superior mesenteric vein: SN: student nurse ; skilled nursing SNB: sentinel node biopsy (ductal carcinoma) SNF: skilled nursing facility: SNP: sodium nitroprusside; single nucleotide polymorphism: SNRI: serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor: SNV Headache symptoms vary with the headache type. Capillary blood glucose (British medical colloquialism originating from Boehringer Mannheim, a manufacturer of early glucose meters, today a part of Boehringer Ingelheim.) anal fissures, Abbreviations for medical organisations and personnel,spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormality,syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone,serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor,single-photon emission computed tomography,https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_medical_abbreviations:_S&oldid=975814841,Short description is different from Wikidata,Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License,social history (personal habits, living situation, job),sin nombre virus (the most common type of,one-half (ss either with or without a bar over them) (from,This page was last edited on 30 August 2020, at 15:38. The Timed-release technology allows drugs to be dissolved over time, allows more steady blood concentrations of drugs, and can lower the number of times a drug must be taken per day compared to immediate-release (IR) formulations. HTN 4; NPO 4; SOB 4; CBC 3; CGA 3; Just searched. Only those within the medical field can truly decipher the multitude of abbreviations in the industry. Common Medical Abbreviations/Symbols. 462 12 18. Patient Safety and Performance Measurement Fact Sheets. Such documentation can take time to complete if you write out everything that you found and performed. Go. High hematocrit levels may be due to chronic smoking, living at high altitudes, dehydration, or other conditions and diseases.Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying protein molecule in the blood, specifically in the red blood cells. ALS - advanced life support. 1 of 2 Go to page. Signs and symptoms are headache, fever, and facial tenderness, pressure, or pain. BMBx: Bone marrow biopsy: BMC: bone mineral content BMD: bone mineral density (also termed bone mass measurement) BMI: body mass index : BMP: basic metabolic panel: BMR: basal metabolic rate: BMS: Bare-metal stent: BMT: … FDA Safety Page. Drug Topics. Si vous disposez d'ouvrages ou d'articles de référence ou si vous connaissez des sites web de qualité traitant du thème abordé ici, merci de compléter l'article en donnant les,Les abréviations sont d'usage courant en médecine, certaines étant connues, d'autres plus confidentielles (lors d'une enquête dans un hôpital anglais, près de 20 % de celles qui sont utilisées dans les dossiers de patients ne sont pas citées dans les dictionnaires médicaux,Plusieurs abréviations peuvent également signifier des choses très différentes : IVG pour « insuffisance ventriculaire gauche » ou « interruption volontaire de grossesse », par exemple, et parfois occasionner des erreurs. Medical Abbreviations Browse thousands of Medical acronyms and abbreviations classified by 38 sub-categories. FDA and ISMP Work to Prevent Medication Errors. All Rights Reserved,Basic EMS Medical Abbreviations and Acronyms,Basic Vet Abbreviations for Pet Owners to Know,Insurance Abbreviations and Acronyms Made Easy. They state that a “trailing zero” may be used only where needed to demonstrate the level of precision of the value being reported, such as for laboratory results, imaging studies that report size of lesions, or catheter or tube sizes. Sign Up for MedicineNet Newsletters. The color of the blood in the stool may provide information about the origin of the bleeding. cancer. Causes of changes of stool color can range from foods a person eats, medication, diseases or conditions, pregnancy, cancer, or tumors. Asklepios may have been a real person who was renowned for his gentle remedies and humane treatment of the mentally ill. Today, the staff of Aesculapius is a commonly used symbol of medicine. CBC measures the concentration of white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets in the blood, and aids in diagnosing conditions and disease such as Do you wonder what the letters and numbers mean on your prescriptions or other items related to a disease, syndrome, or disorder?Doctors and other health care professionals commonly use a list of abbreviations, acronyms, and other medical terminology as a reference to rapidly search and accurately record information about, and give instructions to their patients. A Microgram of Prevention is Worth a Milligram of Cure: Preventing Medication Errors in Animals. HbA1c levels can be affected by insulin use, fasting, glucose intake (oral or IV), or a combination of these and other factors. Medical Abbreviations Browse thousands of Medical acronyms and abbreviations classified by 38 sub-categories. These types of errors can be linked with severe patient harm.Numbers can lead to confusion and drug dosing errors, too.Numbers can also be misinterpreted with regards to decimal points. The healthcare field is full of technical terminology, including a number of medical.The following medical abbreviations list has been organized into a number of basic categories.These general medical terms are oftentimes abbreviated for ease of communication.AMA - against medical advice (or American Medical Association),CC - cubic centimeter, chief complaint, critical care,DOA - dead on arrival or date of admission,DSM - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.These abbreviations are used in the context of prescription drugs.When it comes to medical care, a variety of medical abbreviations are also commonly used.ECMO - extracorporeal membrane oxygenation,PAP - pulmonary artery pressure; Papanicolaou test,TPA - tissue plasminogen activator (dissolve clots), total parenteral alimentation (intravenous nutritional needs).When describing the condition of a patient or assigning a diagnosis, medical staff may use some of these abbreviations.ADHD - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,AIDS - acquired immune deficiency syndrome,ALS - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease),ARDS - adult respiratory distress syndrome,ARF - acute renal failure, acute rheumatic fever,COPD - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,CVA - cerebral vascular accident (stroke),ECASA - enteric coated acetylsalicylic acid,IDDM - insulin dependent diabetes mellitus,NIDDM - non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus,VBAC - vaginal birth after caesarean section,VIP - voluntary interruption of pregnancy.Medical professionals may refer to different parts of the body using abbreviations too.It's always advisable to consult with your doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or other medical professional about any and all medical terminology that's confusing or unclear. In addition, when these abbreviations are unclear, extra time must be spent by pharmacists or other healthcare providers trying to clarify their meanings, which can delay much-needed treatments. ©1996-2020 MedicineNet, Inc. All rights reserved.MedicineNet does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.Have you ever wondered why you can't read the doctor's note or the letters and numbers on a prescription? Migraine headaches, tension headaches, and cluster headaches are considered primary headaches. Many drugs exist in special formulation as tablets or capsules - for example as ER, XR, and SR - to slow absorption or alter where the dissolution and absorption occurs in the gastrointestinal tract. (Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. See a picture of Blood Pressure and learn more about the health topic.A complete blood count (CBC) is a calculation of the cellular makeup of blood. Take the Tummy Troubles Quiz!Learn about type 2 diabetes warning signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options. colitis, Visit www.jointcommission.org for more information about this TJC requirement.Blood in the stool or rectal bleeding (hematochezia) refers to the passage of bright red blood from the anus. color of stool with blood in it may range from black, red, maroon, green yellow, gray, or white, and may be tarry, or sticky. There was a member in the chat room that stated he sometimes gets confused when he sees a medical abbrevation/term. As reported by the FDA, a prescription with the abbreviation “MTX” has been interpreted as both methotrexate (used for rheumatoid arthritis) or mitoxantrone (a cancer drug), and “ATX” was misunderstood to be the shorthand for zidovudine (AZT, an HIV drug) or azathioprine (an immunosuppressant drug). A symbol used as the heading of a prescription for medicine or a medical appliance. SIDS: Sudden infant death syndrome; TSH: Thyroid stimulating hormone. Prevention of migraine triggers include getting regular exercise, drinking water daily, reducing stress, and avoiding trigger foods.Is pain all in the brain? It may not be used in medication orders or other medication-related documentation.Common abbreviations are often used for modified-release types of technology for prescription drugs, although no true standard exists for this terminology. Accessed July 17, 2019 at,FDA Consumer Updates. The following medical abbreviations list has been organized into a number of basic categories. 10 (Or So) Common Medical Abbreviations and Symbols for EMTs,Connecting Computer Adaptive Testing to the EMT Exam,Getting and Maintaining an EMT Certification.One responsibility that you have as an emergency medical technician (EMT) is to document your assessment and management of the patient. The exact cause of migraine headaches is not known. Facts About the Official “Do Not Use” List of Abbreviations. COPD may be complicated by chronic bronchitis or emphysema.Take the Diabetes Quiz and learn the causes, signs, symptoms, and types of this growing epidemic. Over-the-counter pain relievers provide short-term relief for most headaches.Sinus infection (sinusitis) is caused by allergies, infection, and chemicals or other irritants of sinuses. Learn about stroke symptoms like sudden numbness or weakness, confusion, vision problems, or problems with coordination. Accessed July 17, 2019 at. All drug names, dosage units, and directions for use should be written clearly to avoid misinterpretation.Pharmacists should be included in teams that develop or evaluate EMRs and e-prescribing tools. Learn about life as a diabetic.Dialysis is a procedure that performs many of the normal duties of the kidneys, like filtering waste products from the blood, when the kidneys no longer work adequately. Updated June 2019. Chapter 5.Mahumud A, Phillips J, Holquist C. Stemming drug errors from abbreviations. July 1, 2002.FDA. Treatment of blood in the stool depends on the cause.The blood pressure is the pressure of the blood within the arteries. June 12, 2019. The Circle and Triangle symbol has long been connected to the A.A. Fellowship. Enteric-coated formulations, such as.Practitioners, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, should be very familiar with the abbreviations used in medical practice and in prescription writing. Take the Pain Quiz to learn everything you've ever wanted to know about the unpleasant sensation we call pain.Stool color changes can very from green, red, maroon, yellow, white, or black. Know the warning signs and symptoms of high blood pressure. All abbreviations can increase the risk for incorrect interpretation and should be used with caution in the healthcare setting.Some of the typed or computer-generated abbreviations, prescription symbols, and dose designations can still be confusing and lead to mistakes in drug dosing or timing. Stool that has a uncharacteristically foul odor may be caused by infections such as giardiasis or medical conditions.What is a stroke? A Tabers Online. Chirurgiae Magister, Master of Surgery (British and Commonwealth countries medical degree) Caucasian male cardiomyopathy: CMD: cystic medial degeneration: CME: continuing medical education: CML: chronic myelogenous leukemia, also called chronic myeloid leukaemia CMML: chronic myelomonocytic leukemia: CMO: comfort measures only (palliative care or hospice) CMP So, I thought I would make a post of the commonly used medical abbreviations/symbols… Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2013 Mar. There is no standard or approved list used by health care professionals to search for medical acronyms or abbreviations. Available for Android and iOS devices.Select one or more newsletters to continue.What do these medical abbreviations mean on my prescription?We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information -.Pill Splitting - A Safe Way to Save Healthcare Dollars?Can grapefruit juice interact with my medications?How do I remember to take my medications?How to Safely Dispose of Your Old Medications.Is pill splitting a safe way to save on prescription drug costs?Medical Conversions - How many ml in a teaspoon?Top 9 Ways to Prevent a Deadly Drug Interaction.What are the risks vs. benefits of medications?https://www.tabers.com/tabersonline/view/Tabers-Dictionary/767492/all/Medical_Abbreviations,https://www.jointcommission.org/about_us/patient_safety_fact_sheets.aspx,https://www.fda.gov/safety/medwatch-fda-safety-information-and-adverse-event-reporting-program,https://www.drugs.com/fda-consumer/fda-and-ismp-work-to-prevent-medication-errors-213.html,https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/resources-you/microgram-prevention-worth-milligram-cure-preventing-medication-errors-animals,https://www.jointcommission.org/assets/1/18/Do_Not_Use_List_6_28_19.pdf,Better to spell out drug name; can be misinterpreted as five tablets of aspirin per FDA,abdominal aortic aneurysm (called a "triple-A"),Can be misinterpreted as 'apply to affected area',Can be misinterpreted as 'abdominal aortic aneurysm',Caution not to confuse with AD (meaning right ear),Better to spell out drug name "acetaminophen",Better to spell drug name out; can be misinterpreted as azathioprine per FDA,In U.S., 'hs' or 'HS' is more commonly used for bedtime,Do not confuse with "cancer of the prostate",Better to spell drug name out; can be misinterpreted as chlorpromazine per FDA,Multiple possible meanings; spell out instead of using "D/C",5% dextrose and normal saline solution (0.9% NaCl),5% dextrose and half normal saline solution (0.45% NaCl),Better to spell out vaccine name; can be misinterpreted as Demerol-Phenergan-Thorazine per FDA,dextrose in water, diabetes mellitus or distilled water,Multiple possible meanings; spell out instead of using "DW",Apothecary measurement (obsolete and may be misinterpreted as gram; do not use),Can be confused with GTT for glucose tolerance test,Better to spell out drug name; can be misinterpreted as hydrochlorothiazide per FDA,Better to spell out drug name; can be misinterpreted as hydrocortisone per FDA,better to spell out; do not mistake for "bedtime",Multiple possible meanings; spell out word instead of using "ID",Mistaken as IV (intravenous) or 10 (ten); Instead spell out "units" per Joint Commission's "Do Not Use" List of Abbreviations,Could be confused with 'intravenous pyelogram',Can be misinterpreted to mean "mg" or milligram, better to spell out 'microgram',May be confused with "MSO4" (morphine sulfate), spell out "magnesium sulfate" - Joint Commission's "Do Not Use" List of Abbreviations,Can mean either morphine sulfate or magnesium sulfate, spell out drug name - Joint Commission's "Do Not Use" List of Abbreviations,May be confused with "MgSO4"; instead spell out "morphine sulfate" - Joint Commission's "Do Not Use" List of Abbreviations,Preferred by AMA to spell out "nothing by mouth",Can also mean "overdose" or "once daily"; better to spell out,route of administration, ophthalmic abbreviations,Preferred in the UK; Can also mean "overdose" or "right eye"; better to spell out,AMA prefers to spell out "by mouth" or "orally"; can be mistaken as "os" meaning left eye per FDA,AMA prefers to spell out "by mouth" or "orally",Mistaken as q.i.d; Instead write "daily" or "every day" per Joint Commission's "Do Not Use" List of Abbreviations,Can be confused with "qh" meaning every hour; better to spell out,Not commonly used in U.S.; 'hs' more common for bedtime,Can be mistaken as qd (daily) or qid (four times daily); Instead spell out "every other day" per Joint Commission's "Do Not Use" List of Abbreviations,Used ONLY in Veterinary medicine to mean "once daily".Can be confused to mean BID (twice daily) and QID (four times daily); pharmacists should clarify abbreviations with DVM, if needed.serotonin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor,Use caution as "SC" can be mistaken for "SL," meaning sublingual per FDA,sliding scale (insulin) OR 1/2 (apothecary; obsolete),Use caution; can be misinterpreted; better to spell out "sliding scale" or "one-half",sliding scale regular insulin OR selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor,Spell out; can be confused with TID (three times a day),Mistaken as the number "0" (zero), the number "4" (four), or "cc". A low hematocrit level may signal anemia, or other conditions such as loss of blood, nutritional deficiency, bone marrow problems, and abnormal hematocrit. Davis and Unbound Medicine. Learn about COPD symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options. Discover causes and recovery of a stroke.Tummy Troubles? Crohn's disease, hemorrhoids, As noted in the.The Joint Commission notes an exception to the Trailing Zero warning. There are two types of dialysis: Hemodialysis uses a filter to remove waste products and water from the body; and peritoneal dialysis removes excess waste and fluid with a fluid that is placed into the patient's stomach cavity through a special plastic tube.Hematocrit in the blood is the proportion of the blood that consists of red blood cells, by volume. An abbreviation of the Latin recipe , take thou. Normal HbA1c levels are 6% or less. High hemoglobin A1c levels in the blood increases the risk of microvascular complications, for example, diabetic neuropathy, eye, and kidney disease.What causes high blood pressure (hypertension)? IDDM: Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Today, many prescriptions are now submitted via electronic prescribing (e-prescribing), electronic medical records (EMRs), and computerized physician order entry (CPOE), which has helped to lower the rates of these medical errors. In fact, there are eleven of the abbreviations for the elements which don't seem to match the modern name. Read about high blood pressure medications, diet, and long term treatments.Migraine headache is a type of headache associated with a sensitivity to light, smells, or sounds, eye pain, severe pounding on one side of the head, and sometimes nausea and vomiting. This is the Rod of Aesculapius (also called Asklepios), the ancient mythical god of medicine. ADM - admission, admitted. 848 000 medical acronyms and abbreviations. Get a better idea of what's causing the nausea, vomiting, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, pain, and other gastrointestinal discomforts and problems. Have you ever see the doctor's notes in your medical record and found peculiar abbreviations and jargon? Apothecary prescription abbreviations, like the ones you might see written by your doctor on your prescription or a hospital medication order, can be a common source of confusion for healthcare providers, too. This is a short list of common abbreviations you may have seen on a doctor's notepad; a prescription drug package or bottle; lab or other test results; or in your doctor's notes.Use this list as a resource for common abbreviations and acronyms used in the health care community, to quickly search and answer your questions about those letters and numbers of a drug your doctor has prescribed to you, or other notes from your doctor or other medical professionals.By clicking Submit, I agree to the MedicineNet's Terms & Conditions &.Headaches can be divided into two categories: primary headaches and secondary headaches. Timely prevention of medical errors can save a patient’s life.Taber’s Medical Abbreviations. Secondary headaches are caused by disease. Health care professionals often quickly scribble notes with important medical information that they would like a patient to reference in regard to the type of current, or recently diagnosed disease, syndrome, or other health condition(s). Dans la prescription de médicaments, l'usage de ces abréviations serait responsable de près de 5 % des erreurs.Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity,Damage associated molecular patterns molecules,Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder,endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography,granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor,hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelets,hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer,pituitary adenylate cycle-activating peptide,transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt.Conseil scientifique médecine du centre national des concours d'internat en médecine, en pharmacie et en odontologie,radiographie de l'abdomen sans préparation,aspergillose bronchopulmonaire allergique,arrêt cardiaque ou arrêt cardiorespiratoire,artériopathie chronique oblitérante des membres inférieurs,agressions cérébrales secondaires d'origine systémique,angioplastie coronarienne transluminale percutanée,cytotoxicité à médiation cellulaire dépendante des anticorps,Association pour le droit de mourir dans la dignité,syndrome lymphoprolifératif avec auto-immunité,anticorps anticytoplasme des polynucléaires neutrophiles,Agence nationale de sécurité du médicament et des produits de santé,artériopathie oblitérante des membres inférieurs,aspergillose pulmonaire chronique nécrosante,american pediatric gross assessment record,amine precursor uptake and decarboxylation,antagoniste des récepteurs de l'angiotensine II,anti-rhumatismaux modificateurs de la maladie,agénésie transverse des membres supérieurs,dérivations électrocardiographiques unipolaires,agence wallonne pour l'intégration des personnes handicapées,bronchopneumopathie chronique obstructive,classification commune des actes médicaux,concentration corpusculaire moyenne en hémoglobine,concentrés des complexes prothrombiniques,conseil départemental de l'ordre des médecins,centre hospitalier régional universitaire,comité d'hygiène, de sécurité et des conditions de travail,centre d’hébergement et de soins de longue durée,centre d'information de dépistage et de diagnostic des infections sexuellement transmissibles,classification internationale des maladies,centre international de recherche sur le cancer,centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux,centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux,comité de liaison en alimentation et nutrition,Comité de lutte contre les infections nosocomiales,commission relative à l'organisation de la permanence des soins,contre-pulsion par ballonnet intraaortique,cholangiopancréatographie rétrograde par voie endoscopique,cellule de recueil des informations préoccupantes,centre de réception et de régulation des appels,commission des relations avec les usagers et de la qualité de la prise en charge,computed tomography during arterial portography,classification par types en milieu de soins et services prolongés,occlusion totale chronique d'une artère coronaire,dysplasie arythmogène du ventricule droit,direction départementale des Affaires sanitaires et sociales,dystrophie maculaire vitelliforme de Best,directeur de la protection de la jeunesse,manuel diagnostique et statistique des troubles mentaux,enteric cytopathogenic human orphan virus,échelle de douleur et d'inconfort du nouveau-né,établissement d'hébergement pour personnes âgées dépendantes,équipe opérationnelle d'hygiène hospitalière,encéphalopathie subaiguë spongiforme transmissible,encéphalopathie spongiforme transmissible,facteur stimulant les colonies de granulocytes,hormone activatrice de l'hormone de croissance,facteur stimulant les colonies de granulocytes et de macrophages,syndrome d'hémolyse-hépatocytolyse-thrombopénie,hyperleucocytose à polynucléaires neutrophiles,cancer colorectal héréditaire sans polypose,Harmoniser et promouvoir l'informatique médicale,insuffisance artérielle du membre inférieur,indicateur composite des activités de lutte contre les infections nosocomiales,Institut du cerveau et de la moelle épinière,Institut de formation en masso-kinésithérapie,infirmier praticien spécialisé en première ligne,institut régional de formation sanitaire et social,inhibiteur de la recapture de la sérotonine,infection des voies respiratoires supérieures,maladie inflammatoire chronique de l'intestin,maladie des calcifications tendineuses multiples,maison départementale des personnes handicapées,maladie reconnue d'origine professionnelle,staphylococcus aureus résistant à la méticilline,neuropathie optique ischémique antérieure,occlusion de l'artère centrale de la rétine,occlusion de la veine centrale de la rétine,picture archiving and communication system,pression artérielle partielle en dioxyde de carbone,pneumopathie acquise sous ventilation mécanique,pustulose exanthématique aiguë généralisée,pupilles égales et réactives à la lumière,programme de médicalisation des systèmes d'information,programme d'accompagnement du retour à domicile,posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome,pneumocoque de sensibilité diminuée à la pénicilline,professeur des universités – praticien hospitalier,réseau d’alerte, d’investigation et de surveillance des infections nosocomiales,réunion de concertation pluridisciplinaire,Registre des malformations en Rhône-Alpes,muscle releveur (élévateur) de la paupière supérieure,syndrome des apnées obstructives du sommeil,syndrome d'excitation génitale persistante,modulateurs sélectifs des récepteurs aux œstrogènes,surface de l'oreillette (auriculaire) gauche,syndrome de Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker,syndrome de sécrétion inappropriée d'hormone anti-diurétique,syndrome de réponse inflammatoire systémique,service d'intervention psychosociale urgente,service médical d'urgence et de réanimation,salle de surveillance post-interventionnelle,stimulation ventriculaire droite programmée,syndrome de vasoconstriction cérebrale réversible,implantation transcatheter d'une valve aortique,teneur corpusculaire moyenne en hémoglobine,trouble du déficit de l'attention avec ou sans hyperactivité,tumeur intracanalaire papillaire et mucineuse du pancréas,shunt intrahépatique par voie transjugulaire,test de migration survie (des spermatozoïdes),Œdème pulmonaire lésionnel post-transfusionnel,unité d'accueil, d'évaluation et d'orientation,unité de consultation et de soins ambulatoires,unité de proximité d'accueil, de traitement et d'orientation des urgences,unité de réadaptation fonctionnelle intensive,unité transitoire de réadaptation fonctionnelle,volume maximal expiré pendant la première seconde,ventilation spontanée avec aide inspiratoire,ventilation spontanée en pression aspiration positive,Bulletin d’information du contact avis pharmacologique et pharmaceutique.Trouble d’accumulation compulsive : en quoi consiste-t-il ?Un nouveau "trouble d'accumulation" introduit dans le DSM-5,Liste de sigles de biologie cellulaire et moléculaire,Toutes les abréviations scientifiques de la langue française,https://fr.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Liste_d%27abréviations_en_médecine&oldid=174924172,Article manquant de références depuis mai 2013,Article manquant de références/Liste complète,Article contenant un appel à traduction en anglais,Portail:Sciences humaines et sociales/Articles liés,licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions,comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence,ABCDE : Asymétrie, Bords irréguliers, Couleur inhomogène, Diamètre supérieur à 6,AIR : association des insuffisants respiratoires ou,AIVOC : anesthésie intraveineuse à objectif de concentration,BDCA : bronchodilatateur de courte durée d'action,BDLA : bronchodilatateur de longue durée d'action,BGSA : biopsies des glandes salivaires accessoires,CMUc : couverture maladie universelle complémentaire,DFTN : défaut de fermeture du tube neuronal (,DTDVG : diamètre télédiastolique du ventricule gauche,DTSVG : diamètre télésystolique du ventricule gauche.EAMPOC : exacerbation aigüe de la maladie pulmonaire obstructive chronique (en France,EHNA : encéphalopathie hémorragique nécrosante aigüe,EPS : électrophorèse des protéines sériques ou,EPU : électrophorèse des protéines urinaires.EPSM : établissement public de santé mentale.GIST : tumeur stromale gastro-intestinale,GLI : grossesse de localisation indéterminée,GNEM : glomérulonéphrite extramembraneuse,GNMP : glomérulonéphrite membranoproliférative,GNRP : glomérulonéphrite rapidement progressive,IECA : inhibiteur de l'enzyme de conversion de l'angiotensine,INBP : infection néonatale bactérienne précose,IPSN : institut pour la protection de la santé naturelle,IRCT : insuffisance rénale chronique terminale,ISR : isochores, symétriques et réactives (pupilles),IVG : insuffisance ventriculaire gauche ou,LEMP : leucoencéphalopathie multifocale progressive,LMG : lobe moyen gauche (poumons) ; NB : le lobe moyen gauche n'existe que lorsque le cœur est à droite dans le,LSE : (repos ou maintien au) lit strict élargi,MEOPA : mélange équimolaire d'oxygène et de protoxyde d'azote,MHC : masque à haute concentration (masque d',MICI : maladies inflammatoires chroniques de l'intestin,NOIAA : neuropathie optique ischémique antérieure aigüe,PINS : pneumopathie interstitielle non spécifique,PMD : psychose maniaco-dépressive (appelée dorénavant,QS : question spécifique, abréviation fréquemment utilisée dans les livres de préparation à l',RBNP : rétinopathie diabétique non proliférante,RBP : rétinopathie diabétique proliférante,RBPP : rétinopathie diabétique préproliférante,RSOSi recherche de sang occulte dans les selles,RTU : recommandations temporaires d'utilisation,SAHOS : syndrome des apnées et hypopnées obstructives du sommeil,SCPD : symptômes comportementaux et psychologiques de la démence,SIAT : service d'information sur les adaptations techniques (de,SSPO : salle de surveillance post-opératoire,TAAN : test d'amplification des acides nucléiques (,TCCNA : traumatisme craniocérébral non accidentel,TRAPS : Tumor necrosis factor Receptor Associated Periodic Syndrome,TSLO : trouble spécifique du langage oral,TVIM : tumeur vésicale infiltrant le muscle,TVNIM : tumeur vésicale n'infiltrant pas le muscle,UDIV : utilisateur de drogue intraveineuse,UMASP : unité mobile d'accompagnement et de,UNACS : union nationale des associations citoyennes de santé.La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 21 septembre 2020 à 22:19.

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