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If you've had significant blood loss from a recent surgery or an injury, your elevated platelet count might resolve on its own. In either setting, aspirin is widely used in clinical practice. The most common cut off for normal is <450,000/μl. Treatment Reactive thrombocytosis. Platelets are blood cells in plasma that stop bleeding by sticking together to form a clot. Thrombocytosis refers to having too many platelets in your blood. Treatment options include low‐dose aspirin and cytoreductive agents such as hydroxyurea. Iron deficiency anemia. There are two types of thrombocytosis: primary and secondary. Thrombocytosis caused by a secondary process is known as reactive thrombocytosis. Treatment for this condition depends on the cause. Thrombocytosis is a blood disorder that is marked by headaches, chest pain and loss of consciousness and can even be life-threatening for some sufferers. Thrombocytosis is defined as platelet count exceeding 450,000/microL. Acute hemolytic anemia. Essential thrombocytosis (ET) is a chronic myeloproliferative neoplasm characterized by the presence of thrombocytosis and it can be complicated by thrombotic and/or hemorrhagic events. Thrombocytosis, both essential and reactive, can predispose patients to thrombosis and hemorrhage and thus should intuitively have an effect on the outcome of microvascular free tissue transfers. If you have a chronic infection or an inflammatory disease, your platelet count likely will remain high until the condition is under control. Therefore, elevated platelet counts (>450 x 10 9 /l) require careful diagnostic work-up to differentiate between reactive thrombocytosis (RT), caused by various conditions, and essential thrombocythemia (ET), a myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN). Thrombocytosis (throm-boe-sie-TOE-sis) is a disorder in which your body produces too many platelets. Too many platelets can lead to certain conditions, including stroke, heart attack or a clot in the blood vessels. In cases of reactive, or secondary, thrombocytosis, the underlying disease may require treatment. There is an extensive list of causes of reactive thrombocytosis (taken from UptoDate):-Nonmalignant hematologic conditions. Disease overview: Polycythemia Vera (PV) and essential thrombocythemia (ET) are myeloproliferative neoplasms respectively characterized by erythrocytosis and thrombocytosis; other disease features include leukocytosis, splenomegaly, thrombosis, bleeding, microcirculatory symptoms, pruritus, and risk of leukemic or fibrotic transformation. Acute blood loss. ↑ Tefferi, "Diagnosis and Clinical Manifestations of Essential Thrombocythemia," UpToDate, Jul. The primary treatment of secondary thrombocytosis should address the underlying cause of the thrombocytosis. 2 The two most important things to try to distinguish up front are: Thrombocytosis is a frequent laboratory finding but not a diagnosis. Overview: Thrombocytosis, also called thrombocythemia, is generally defined as a platelet count greater than a defined upper limit of normal that may vary between 350,000/μl to 600,000/μl, depending on the laboratory or medical reference. Thrombocytosis is usually discovered incidentally, but the differential diagnosis is important. For patients with platelet counts in excess of 1,000,000/μL, aspirin 65 mg daily may be considered to minimize the rare development of stroke or thrombosis (see Treatment). 1 Typically in the ED, new thrombocytosis will be an asymptomatic lab finding. ↑Schafer, "Thrombocytosis," N Engl J Med 2004;350:1211-9. It's called reactive thrombocytosis or secondary thrombocytosis when the cause is an underlying condition, such as an infection. We sought to evaluate the effect of preoperative thrombocytosis on outcomes after microvascular free flap surgery. Read and find out all about this condition, including its primary causes, symptoms, treatment options, prognosis and more. Thrombocytosis DefinitionPage Contents1 Thrombocytosis Definition2 Thrombocytosis ICD9 Code3 Thrombocytosis …

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