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Au programme Franz Liszt : Tristia (1881) Franz Schubert : Trio en Si... bémol Majeur D.898 di COLLECTIF. Étude pour Narcisse - Le Septuor de Vinteuil - Trois satires - Mort de Charlot - L'Impudente (III). Où habitait donc cette gamme de … On peut estimer que cette soiree ou s'est joue le septuor de Vinteuil aura represente un point d'inflexion fondamental dans les rapports entre les deux classes. Comme le septuor, l'œuvre de Proust ressoude « en une armature indivisible des fragments épars » ; on reconnaît « sous les différences apparentes les similitudes profondes ». Proust describes the septet in terms of changing weather from dawn to midday at sea, and for this reason it has most often been thought to be inspired by Debussy’s La Mer (1905). PROUST ET BEETHOVEN : REMARQUES SUR LE SEPTUOR DE VINTEUIL @article{Maya2014PROUSTEB, title={PROUST ET BEETHOVEN : REMARQUES SUR LE SEPTUOR DE VINTEUIL}, author={K. Maya}, journal={Hitotsubashi journal of arts and sciences}, year={2014}, volume={55}, pages={1-13} } But they can never please everybody. La musique de Vinteuil se ble au Narrat ur quelque chose de plus vrat que tous les hvres connus. L’écoute du septuor de Vinteuil, dans La Prisonnière, n’est que la répétition amplifiée de la sonate dont la double exécution, dans Un amour de Swann (d’abord chez Mme Verdurin, ensuite chez la marquise de Saint-Euverte), scandait les étapes de la passion de Swann. Un soir f'nfin, chez Mme Verdurin, le Narrateur a le privilège d'entendre le Septuor de Vinteuil chef-d'œuvre triomphal et complet auprès d tous ses autres essais. Admire and respect Vinteuil’s sonata as a ‘world closed to all the rest, constructed by the logic of a creator’ who is none other than Proust himself. La seconde étape comprend la virtuosité de Morel qui, sensible à l’esprit de l’œuvre de Vinteuil, en exécute une interprétation particulièrement nuancée et suggestive. Thirdly, and most importantly, Proust’s list of sources for the Vinteuil sonata creates a monstrous, parodic chimera rather than a credible piece of music. ETUDE POUR NARCISSE DE PAUL VALERY/ LE SEPTUOR DE VINTEUIL DE MARCEL PROUST/ TROIS SATIRES DE FRANCIS PONGE/ MORT DE CHARLOT DE ALBERT COHEN/ LIMPRUDENTE DE HENRI DEBERLY. Sonate de Vinteuil 06. Ragtime 16. As a character he does not survive long in Proust’s novel. Their pleasure lies in their being collaborative, provisional, and multiple in nature and scope, rather than in offering an impossibly definitive version of Proust’s Vinteuil. by Philip Kolb and trans. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2019 CD release of "Septuor De Grand Matin" on Discogs. Still at the same soirée, when violin and piano lament like two birds calling to one another, I was thinking of Franck’s Sonata, especially as played by Enesco (Franck’s Quartet appears in later volumes). Leggi «La Vraie Vie de Vinteuil premier roman - collection Le Courage dirigée par Charles Dantzig» di Jérôme Bastianelli disponibile su Rakuten Kobo. In the end, my advice is: don’t go in search of the Vinteuil sonata. Come Bergotte non è soltanto Anatole France o Elstir Claude Monet, così tra i modelli di Vinteuil ci sono, secondo il musicologo Luigi Magnani, più di un musicista tra i preferiti di Proust: Danse Allemande, No. Etude Pour Narcisse De Paul Valery/ Le Septuor De Vinteuil De Marcel Proust/ Trois Satires De Francis Ponge/ Mort De Charlot De Albert Cohen/ ... à … Still other suggestions have been made, including most recently a recording of violin sonatas made by Maria and Nathalia Milstein under the seductive title La Sonate de Vinteuil (Mirare, 2018). But I would like to encourage readers to consider, too, the later passages on the septet, especially as the septet proves to be much more significant for the protagonist than the sonata. x On the music for these films see Arthur Morisseau, ‘L’après-Vinteuil: la partition littéraire proustienne vue par les compositeurs Jorge Arriagada et Hans Werner Henze’, Quaderni proustiani, (2015), 247–58. Sonate de Vinteuil. As he writes at the start of this note and reiterates at its close, ‘there are no keys’. In this book, Bastianelli beautifully sidesteps issues of the real Vinteuil by arguing for Vinteuil’s influence on Fauré, Saint-Saëns, Debussy, and Franck, rather than vice versa. Feature image: Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash. Le temps retrouvé -extrait: sonate de Vinteuil-, film de Raoul Ruiz, d'après le livre de Marcel Proust. Firstly, Saint-Saëns (a favourite candidate) is introduced only to be immediately undermined, since Saint-Saëns is a composer Proust dislikes. The Seventh Seal: Putting Epidemic Disease in its Place, Italy and Germany need new political narratives, Preaching to the Converted: Theresa May’s Vision of Global Britain, Covid-19: We’ve come a long way, but we’re not out of the woods yet. At the same soirée, a little further on, it wouldn’t surprise me if, talking of the little phrase, I hadn’t been thinking of the Good Friday Spell. Jan 20, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Marcelita Swann. 2 10. L’amie de Melle Vinteuil, par son intelligence et sa sensibilité proches du musicien, rend ainsi possible la naissance et la reconnaissance sociale du compositeur. 39–41. Mi allontano rinfrancato e quasi… If anyone can pull off such a project, it is Bastianelli, who is both a biographer of real composers (including Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, and Bizet) and a noted Proustian and current president of the Société des Amis de Marcel Proust. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Scopri COLLECTION LA NOUVELLE REVUE FRANCAISE N° 117. Nous aurons le plaisir de jouer pour les concerts Inventio le jeudi 18 octobre. Anche per Vinteuil, i modelli cui Proust si rifece sono più di uno. This more creative, imaginative response to Proust’s music has also borne literary fruits in the recent fictional biography of Vinteuil by Jérôme Bastianelli: La Vraie Vie de Vinteuil (2019). This album, rather than dictating an answer, is merely suggesting a possible approach, and will hopefully prompt the listeners who haven't yet read Proust's masterpiece to plunge into the great novel In Search of Lost Time . Change ). […], My memories are more precise for the Sonata. Since January 2018, he has chaired the Society of Friends of Marcel Proust and Friends of Combray. 1 12. The ‘real’ Vinteuil is a great hook for this CD, and a great way to bring a less well-known violin sonata from the period into the limelight. Find your own, personal equivalent of Proust’s Vinteuil. In the following note to the friend and fellow novelist Jacques de Lacretelle dated 20 April 1918, we find Proust grappling with questions about the various keys and models to places, characters, and music in his novel: There are no keys to the characters in this book, or rather, there are eight or ten to a single one; equally, for the church at Combray, my memory borrowed several churches (or had them pose) as ‘models’. These sisters include not only the quasi-obligatory Saint-Saëns but also violin sonatas by Debussy and — their personal favourite, and a newcomer to this question — Gabriel Pierné. Vinteuil’s sonata is rarely heard in its entirety in Proust’s novel. Connect your Spotify account to your account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. E mentre pago e tutto è diventato stranamente silenzioso, mi accorgo che si solleva anche l’uomo seduto al tavolino e muove le mani sopra un pianoforte immaginario, e finalmente guarda davanti a sé, finalmente mi guarda, e dai suoi occhi esce la sonata di Vinteuil con la famosa piccola frase. Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts. According to the narrator of ‘Un amour de Swann’, music would be impossible to describe or understand: if memory, like a labourer working to put down lasting foundations in the midst of waves, by fabricating for us facsimiles of these fleeting phrases, did not allow us to compare them to those that follow them and to differentiate them.v, Memory produces an imperfect transcription, one which is ‘summary and temporary’, and which ‘is no longer pure music’ but rather ‘drawing, architecture, thought’. Bulletin de la Société des Amis de Marcel Proust, 27: 470-73. To those who want to find Vinteuil’s sonata, this text initially appears to be a godsend. tardif Septuor de Vinteuil, dans lequel réapparait, transformée et sublimée, la « petite phrase » de la sonate pour piano et violon qui avait fasciné le narrateur, que Bastianelli nous fait faire une rencontre surprenante : celle de notre antique Émile Lemoine (X1861), passé Beethoven Vinteuil, compositeur imaginaire dans A la recherche de temps perdu est un des personnages contribuant à conduire le héros (=le narrateur) au monde de l’art. For a long time, his only surviving composition is thought to be his sonata for piano and violin in F sharp, which Swann hears at Mme Verdurin’s salon in ‘Un amour de Swann’ and which the protagonist hears performed by Odette on piano in the first part of volume two. by Joanna Kilmartin (London: HarperCollins, 2000), pp. by Christopher Prendergast, 6 vols (London: Penguin Classics, 2003), v, 241. Once familiar, however, music can still become a catalyst for involuntary memory, as when Swann unexpectedly hears the Vinteuil sonata at a concert at Mme de Saint-Euverte’s towards the end of ‘Un amour de Swann’, and is suddenly reminded of his lost love: And before Swann had time to understand, and say to himself: ‘It’s the little phrase from the Sonata by Vinteuil; don’t listen!’ all his memories of the time when Odette was in love with him, which he had managed until now to keep out of sight in the deepest part of himself, deceived by this sudden beam of light from the time of love which they believed had returned, had awoken and flown swiftly back up to sing madly to him, with no pity for his present misfortune, the forgotten refrains of happiness.vii. SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA su ordini idonei Au plaisir de … Some of these compositions have been necessitated by adaptations of Proust for the screen, in particular Volker Schlöndorff’s Un amour de Swann (1984) and Raoul Ruiz’s Le Temps retrouvé (1999).x I have also played my own small part in adding to this body of musical works inspired by Proust, in 2017 commissioning two then-undergraduate music students at the University of Oxford to compose music inspired by Vinteuil’s sonata.xi These sort of activities are fun as a way to find out how different readers imagine Vinteuil’s music. R Vigneron; Vigneron, R. 1946. Le septuor de Vinteuil d’après van Dongen L’ amie de Mlle Vinteuil qui a fait tant de mal à son père participera, sur le tard, par ses travaux, à renforcer la gloire du musicien (6). De délicieuses viennoiseries au programme, dont le magnifique premier trio de Schubert ! The quest for the ‘real’ sonata had already started in Proust’s lifetime. On songe aux réflexions mêmes du narrateur sur le septuor de Vinteuil. Odette and Swann isolate from the sonata a ‘little phrase’ that becomes ‘the national anthem of their love’.iii The sonata is also often performed in a version for piano solo, making it ideal for the home. Chez Les Verdurin, Septuor No. Vinteuil Personaggio letterario di À la recherche du temps perdu (1913-27) dello scrittore francese M. Proust (1871-1922), è un musicista, autore di una sonata per violino e pianoforte e di un settimino. Le Prieuré fait sa rentrée ce dimanche 2 septembre avec le Trio Vinteuil du CNSMD de Lyon. Book traversal links for 371 Vinteuil était mort depuis nombre d'années ‹ 370 Ce qui perdit M. de Charlus ce soir-là fut la mauvaise éducation Up; 372 Cependant le septuor qui avait recommencé › A new version of is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. ̶ REMARQUESSUR LE SEPTUOR DE VINTEUIL ̶ KAZUKO MAYA LaJoieparlaSouffrance. The dyadic, closed world of Vinteuil’s sonata has become overpopulated with other sonatas in a quest to find the real sonata behind Vinteuil’s imaginary music. Go directly to shout page, Do you know any background info about this artist? PALAZZETTO BRU ZANE Hugues Borsarello,violino Guillaume Bellom, pianoforte Composta nella stessa linea del suo famoso Quintetto con pianoforte, la Sonata per violino e pianoforte di Reynaldo Hahn si iscrive nell’orientamento neoclassico inaugurato da Stravinskij. To find Vinteuil’s sonata, it seems that all we need to do is imagine a heady mix of music by all these composers. Students majoring or minoring in French, Spanish or Romance Languages and Literatures (i.e., both languages) master language skills, explore the history and diverse literary and cultural traditions of French- and Spanish-speaking countries, and study abroad. Sonate de Vinteuil 07. L' Adoration Perpetuelle 08. All further quotations from Proust’s novel are from volumes in this translation. His novel La vraie vie de Vinteuil (The Real Life of Vinteuil) was published by Grasset in 2019. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Add a video, Do you know any background info about this track? The sonata is a ‘world closed to all the rest’, and yet frequent attempts have been made to trespass upon its exclusivity. The tremolo passages played over the little phrase at the Verdurins’ were suggested by the Prelude to Lohengrin, but the phrase itself at that moment by a piece by Schubert. Achat Collection La Nouvelle Revue Francaise N° 117. Vinteuil, for his part, is a composer, although he also teaches piano (including to the protagonist’s great-aunts) and is the village organist. 277 Jérôme Bastianelli, La Vraie vie de Vinteuil, Paris, Grasset, 2019, 272 p. Ciro Ranisi Università Suor Orsola Benincasa - Napoli Chissà quante volte, leggendo la Recherche di Marcel Proust, ci siamo imbattuti in riferimenti – espliciti o volutamente criptici – a Georges Vinteuil, un compositore Structure de Swann: Balzac. your own Pins on Pinterest If you try to count the instruments named in Proust’s prose, you end up with more than seven: violin, piano, cello, double-bass, harp, flute, oboe, and unspecified brass (in the plural: ‘les cuivres’). Some are quite specific: the Franck violin sonata, once again, but before that Saint-Saëns’s violin sonata in D minor, as well as music by Wagner. Vinteuil’s music, however, lives on. Parade 11. À côté de ce Septuor, certaines phrases de la sonate, que seules le public connaissait, apparaissaient comme tellement banales qu'on ne pouvait pas comprendre comment elles avaient pu exciter tant d'admiration. For Proust’s narrator, after all, ‘we love only what we do not possess’.xiii. The focus of this blog will, similarly, be on Vinteuil’s sonata. i The Prisoner, trans. 2 18. Septuor de Vinteuil 15. : spedizione gratuita per i clienti Prime e per ordini a partire da 29€ spediti da Amazon. Vinteuil est le musicien le plus célèbre de la littérature française. To the extent that I drew on reality, a very limited extent, in fact, the little phrase from this Sonata, and I’ve never told anyone this before, is, at the Saint-Euverte soirée (to begin at the end), the charming but mediocre theme from a Violin and Piano Sonata by Saint-Saëns, a composer I dislike. ( Log Out /  Book traversal links for 371 Vinteuil était mort depuis nombre d'années ‹ 370 Ce qui perdit M. de Charlus ce soir-là fut la mauvaise éducation Up; 372 Cependant le septuor qui avait recommencé › 2 09. Danse Allemande, No. L'analyse des brouillons du Temps retrouve et de La Prisonniere met en evidence un mouvement lineaire et progressif aboutissant a une structuration de materiaux inorganises et a une brusque illumination (vers mai 1913). Save your energy for remembering and returning to the music that has been significant in your own life. Etudiant les textes consacrés à la sonate et au septuor de Vinteuil, Jean-Jacques Nattiez, professeur à la Faculté de musique de l’université de Montréal, démontre le rôle fondamental joué par la musique dans la progression du roman. Septuor de Mandolines Estudiantina d'Argenteuil, Self: La boîte à musique. Acquire fluency in either or both French and Spanish, and gain a broad and deep understanding of their cultures and literary worlds. Menu. London WC1H 0BW. Do you know a YouTube video for this track? Ultimately, we ought to respect Proust’s decision to include an imaginary composer in his novel, with all the challenges attendant upon this decision. PROUST ET BEETHOVEN : REMARQUES SUR LE SEPTUOR DE VINTEUIL. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! But these sorts of projects are ultimately reductive as approaches to Proust’s novel and miss the point of the choice of imaginary rather than real music in À la recherche. Le dreyfusisme proustien The agony of Vinteuil's life is what permits him to produce the overpowering Septuor wherein pain gives way to an "ineffable joy which seemed to come from paradise." The mystery around the Vinteuil Sonata remains unsolved and every reader should be able to hear his or her "own" Vinteuil Sonata. […]ix. Even this passage is a case in point. It was as at the beginning of the world, as if there were only the two of them still on the earth, or rather in this world closed to all the rest, constructed by the logic of a creator, this world in which there would never be more than the two of them: this sonata.viii. I can no longer tell you which ones. (I’ll show you the precise passage, which recurs several times and was a triumph for Jacques Thibaud.) Prelude 17. De plus, dès 1964, dans son livre Proust et les signes, Deleuze avait reconnu que l’essence proustienne n’était autre que « la Différence absolue et ultime » (53), alors que seul le septuor de Vinteuil pouvait prétendre que le monde des différences peut exister sur Terre. Yet Vinteuil’s septet has been much neglected compared to interest in his sonata. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Welcome to the UCL European Institute’s blog, a space for analysis and commentary on a range of Europe-related topics from UCL academics and other experts. ii. Proust’s description of Odette’s performance at Swann’s request gives hope to amateur pianists everywhere: he would ask her to play […] the little phrase from Vinteuil’s sonata, even though Odette played very badly, but the loveliest vision of a work of art that stays with us is often the one that transcended the wrong notes coaxed by unskilful fingers from an out-of-tune piano.iv. Vinteuil’s septet is an unusual piece which seems to exceed its own genre. by Lydia Davis, p. 221. vi All these quotations come from the same passage in The Way of Swann’s, p. 212. ix Letter cited from Proust, Selected Letters: Volume 4: 1918–1922, ed. Le septuor de Vinteuil entretient avec sa sonate le même rapport que La Prisonnière avec Un amour de Swann. Vinteuil’s septet also sounds much more interesting than his sonata: where the sonata is white, floral, rustic, and dove-like, the septet is red, stormy, oceanic, and ‘like a mystic cock-crow’.ii. UCL European Institute − Œuvre, morceau écrit pour sept instruments, pour sept voix. Secondly, Proust asserts here that À la recherche is not a roman à clef. Chez Les Verdurin, Septuor … He also avoids the identification of Vinteuil and Franck, instead presenting Franck as Vinteuil’s ‘seul véritable ami’.xii, Vinteuil is neither Franck, nor Saint-Saëns, nor Fauré. Start the wiki. The arts organisation takes the French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine as an inspirational starting point for a much wider mission to champion the arts and culture. DOI: 10.15057/27043 Corpus ID: 173963202. Vinteuil’s sonata is rarely heard in its entirety in Proust’s novel. One reason may be that more people manage the early volumes of À la recherche (and even ‘Un amour de Swann’ as a standalone piece) than reach La Prisonnière. Vinteuil’s septet also sounds much more interesting than his sonata: where the sonata is white, floral, rustic, and dove-like, the septet is red, stormy, oceanic, and ‘like a mystic cock-crow’. Finally, although Vinteuil’s septet may turn out to be much more dramatic, Proust does also use gorgeous imagery for the sonata. Tout ce que vous vouliez savoir sur ” la petite phrase ” ! Pour le narrateur, la sonate ou le septuor de Vinteuil synthétisent les sensations connues : les dalles inégales de Venise, la raideur de la serviette, le bruit du marteau sur la roue du train de Balbec etc. The reader is offered a whole series of clues. The sonata gives rise to moving meditations on the relationship between music and memory. Its similarity to a description of Franck’s violin sonata in A major in one of Proust’s letters is a key piece of evidence adduced in favour of the argument that Franck is Vinteuil. For the protagonist, the septet is a call to art and a significant waymark on his journey towards the promise to write his own book expressed in the final volume.

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