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Ludmila is mad at Diego because she thinks that he's falling in love with Violetta. Jade, heartbroken from the rejection, decides to change her personality good into bad. "Too much disappointment for Violetta 2nd part". SIXT PARAMÈTRE DES COOKIES. In posing Jeremiah, Herman calls Leon who does not understand why everyone turns against him. The big dance contest is coming up, and the dancers get ready. Frustrated, Violetta gives up tells them that this time, they just can't do it. To prove Lara that he didn't bring her to the party to make Violetta jealous, Leon kisses Lara . Jade agrees to reopen the studio only if German marries her. Tout d’abord, tout le monde n’a pas la possibilité de travailler deux heures par jour devant son piano ou devant sa partition de solfège. Violetta goes to Francesca's birthday party, but nobody is there. Violetta has to make a recording for U-Mix therefore, Marotti prevents Violetta from going to Francesca's party, threatening her career. Both Violetta and Leon are not happy when they find out that Diego is auditioning for the Studio. Backstage, everybody is getting ready to perform. Leon, Broadway, Andres and Diego compose a new song and perform it for Pablo. Leon then reveals what Ramallo told him earlier - that Herman had starting writing the song using one of her mother's poems, and then Ramallo gave it to Violetta to finish writing it. Violetta is sure Leon is dating Lara but he denies it. Suivez-le et dream on ! Priscila vows to destroy German and Angie. At the end of the episode, Angie finds out that Jeremiah is actually Herman. Gregorio then goes on stage and gives an emotional and tearful speech, revealing to everyone that Diego is his son. La Banque mondiale a en effet accordé deux prêts relatifs, respectivement au financement du Programme d’Appui des politiques de développement pour la riposte à la pandémie de… The judge believes that it was Herman who deliberately transferred his money to another country, not knowing that it is Matias and Jade. Diego thinks she is jealous. Violetta is furious with German for reading her emails. Violetta is annoyed at Herman for embarrassing her but Esmeralda reassures her by quoting María. Initiez-vous au piano avec la bande originale d’Halloween, chef-d’oeuvre frissonnant de John Carpenter. Because of that, Diego breaks the gift that Ludmila got from Federico, making him mad at her. Jade follows Herman to the show and finally gets caught and arrested. Francesca, Camila, and Marco try to show the video to Violetta, but the memory card is missing. Diego ends up standing up for Violetta and telling Ludmila that she knows nothing about his father. Violetta visits Leon as Roxy, determined to tell him the truth. Ludmila back stabs Violetta and asks to take her place, unfortunate for her she gets rejected. Ludmila walks in on Francesca and Diego, and threatens to tell Violetta about them. Pablo only gives Ludmila one chance to stay at the studio. Beto accidentally locks Marco in the fish tank with his cell phone outside, causing him to be late for his meeting with Francesca. Diego tells Ludmila that Violetta's days are numbered at the studio, but she says that she's heard it before. Violetta overhears Leon talking about how she has hurt him and runs away, but he later admits he wants her back. They promise not to say anything, not knowing that Andres is listening. For one last time, Angie, Violetta, and Herman sing a song together. And she plans to sabotage Violetta by swapping the CDs (from the one with her voice to the one without her voice) exposing her and proving that she is lip-syncing. Les contraintes (professionnelles notamment) doivent être prises en compte. Fede discovers Ludmila's deception and Violetta sees Fran and Diego embrace. Leon believes that Violetta wants to get everyone in the studio against him. Un rythme lent et des accords classiques, le compromis idéal pour se faire les doigts sur votre nouveau clavier et apprendre à coordonner vos gestes. Gregorio discovers Milton's ruse. Voici un morceau de piano particulièrement facile. Violetta and friends tour with YouMix. Camila is disgusted by this and thinks that Broadway would only love her if she was with someone else. Herman tells Jade that they are never getting back together. Ramallo and the others try to stop her, but without success. Meanwhile, Clement fakes an injury to avoid going on tour while waiting for Violetta's verdict on his songs. Fan de films d’horreur et de musique angoissante ? The gang finally come up with the lyrics for the song (This Can't End). When Violetta walks in on Herman and Angie, Herman creates a cover saying that Angie quit her job because of him. German, Angie, and Gregorio meet with Jade in order to convince her to reopen the studio, but with little luck, and the Boy Band quit the record label. Ludmila wants to return to the studio. Meanwhile, Nicolas tries to keep Clement away from the studio. But then she sees him at the park with another girl. She says that if Violetta tells Leon to stay away, it's proving she cares. Violetta confronts Leon about his relationship with Gery. Violetta and Francesca walk in on Gery singing for Leon. "Halo" is a contemporary downtempo R&B power ballad that features a pop production. Violetta said that she didn't know he was coming. Violetta thinks that this is the reason that he did not want her to come to the party. In order to avoid having to go to Africa, Ludmila apologizes for her behavior, but still threatens to break up Priscila and German. Violetta returns to the garage in disguise and sings for Leon. Leon tries to explain to Violetta what happens, but when he does Lara shows up. Gregorio announces that the studio must close. In revenge, Gregorio now denies all members of the studio access to "Art Rebel". Gregorio is upset by this and proves that he has no clover leaf birthmark. German almost gets unmasked as Jeremias, when he calls Violetta "his daughter" when he sees Diego, Violetta and Leon fighting. Retour au rock avec ce tube inconditionnel des Rolling Stones. But then she manages to awaken with a kiss. See more ideas about music activities, music and movement, preschool music. Francesca notices and pretended not to feel good while falling. "Too much disappointment for Violetta 1st part". Herman pushes Jade out of the wedding. She tells Leon that their relationship shouldn't have ended and that their love was very strong. Maxi and Naty make up. Burt Bacharach, né le 12 mai 1928 à Kansas City (Missouri, États-Unis), est un pianiste et compositeur américain.Son nom est souvent associé à celui du parolier Hal David.Ils ont créé une centaine de succès dans le domaine de la chanson populaire qui fait du tandem Bacharach et David deux des plus importants artistes de la musique populaire américaine des années 1960 aux années 2000. Violetta is sad because of what Leon said. Violetta is pleased to have Angie back. Ludmila tells Federico that she's feeling guilty for no reason. Merci infiniment pour les cours de piano qui me sont très utiles. Focus on laptop batteries, adapters and other accessories, 11 years of experience, 80 countries, worthy of trust! Federico gets confused and ends up feeling like he's lost a chance with Ludmila. qq音乐是腾讯公司推出的一款网络音乐服务产品,海量音乐在线试听、新歌热歌在线首发、歌词翻译、手机铃声下载、高品质无损音乐试听、海量无损曲库、正版音乐下载、空间背景音乐设置、mv观看等,是互联网音乐播放和下载的优选。 Meanwhile, Ludmila filmed Lara and Leon dancing together and shows Violetta. Naty's sister Lena comes visiting while their parents are away. At the same time, Leon arrives to see Violetta and gets jealous about her having fun with Diego. Her name is Libi, and Andres is immediately interested in her. Violetta loses her voice after singing too much during the show. Trophées de l’innovation vous invite à participer à cette mise en lumière des idées et initiatives des meilleures innovations dans le tourisme. Diego goes after her and thanks her for reuniting him with his father. Even though she still insults him to hide her feelings. When she sees Leon with Gery, Violetta uses Clement to make him jealous. Violetta decides to hold an auction to raise funds for the studio. Leon is angry with Violetta for lying to him about the lyrics of her song and Violetta is angry with Camila for telling him about it. Allegedly, Pablo has ordered to do so. Meanwhile, Ludmila and Diego trade threats about what they know about each other. Pablo and Jackie break up.Francesca gets more upset the more the days pass. Maxi begins to feel something for Camila. She tries to leave, but Violetta and Camila stop her. DJ and Camila are locked in the janitor's closet and Broadway comes to release them and sees them together, which makes him jealous. Francesca is angry at Marco again because Ana told her that he sang a song to her the first time they met too. Violetta doesn't understand how Leon can forget her so quickly. He comes to the party organized by Francesca with Lara, making Francesca very angry. At the same time, Violetta learns about a new YouMix tour, but German insists that the four stay in Europe. 898k Followers, 277 Following, 6,791 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from OKLM (@oklm) Ana tells Francesca that Marco sings the same song to all the girls. Angie is walking down the street when Herman comes running after her, Angie does not want to hear what he has to say and carries on walking. Diego leans in for a kiss and Violetta pushes away, being faithful to the relationship she has with Leon. After telling Violetta to back off, Lara is told by Leon to stop thinking about Violetta. German thinks that Violetta is responsible for the voice-modifying software and grounds her. Marotti announces that the mayor has changed his mind, and the show is back on once more. Gregorio fires Milton from the studio. However, he tells Erica that he knows Clement is the culprit. Leon agrees while Violetta listens from the top of the stairs with a smile on her face. At the Studio, it's the day of the band contest. Alors qu’habituellement, vous jouez le rythme de la main gauche et la mélodie de la droite, bousculez vos repères et inversez ce jeu. Leon gets angry when Diego sings "No More Tears" to Violetta, causing him to question his feelings for her. In the meantime, Leon is sad and angry, and goes back to the hotel with Francesca. Ludmila shows Violetta a video of Leon kissing Lara after he won his race, and Violetta says she doesn't want to think about Leon, talk about Leon or hear about Leon. In light of discovering Clement there, Nicolas refuses to sell the studio to German, jeopardizing its future. Diego tells Ludmila that if happiness is her goal, ruining people isn't the way. After arguing with Violetta, Ludmila tries to tell Leon who Roxy really is. After Naty fell down from her chair, her hand is damaged, meaning that she won't be able to play. Gregorio sadly tells Violetta that he doesn't want to waste any more time in being part of Diego's life. Ludmila sings for Fede to show him her true feelings. Diego turns up at Violetta's house dressed as a clown. Ana tells Francesca that Marco never forgot her, even when he was dating Francesca. Nous avons acheté le pack numéros 1 et 2 que je suis, régulièrement, tous les jours. He replied that he did not know that Lara would come to the party, and pointed out that she had spent the evening with Diego. Francesca finds out about the Italian producer's deception. She smiled, the words she had said in her dream gave her an idea of song. S’il peut paraître compliqué au premier abord, un peu de pratique devrait vous y mener rapidement. Feeling sad following her best friend's departure, Violetta finds comfort in Leon. Diego passes by chance and sees Violetta and comes to her aid. Ramallo tries to warn German that Priscila is not what she seems. The following is a list of episodes of the Disney Channel original series, Violetta.As seen in the episode titles, almost all of them end with "una canción", meaning "a song" in Spanish. Ludmila is chosen as the new YouMix star. Violetta refuses Alex's kiss, and Francesca makes a deal with the Italian producer to save the studio. Leon cannot forgive Violetta's deception and blames his friends from keeping the truth from him. Violetta returns home with Diego, Diego explains what happened and states that it is all Leon's fault, also saying that the relationship between Violetta and Leon was the accident. Milton is the only one to take advantage of the tragedy by taking the chance to take over the school. Naty's plan to make Maxi jealous fails. Naty finds out about Ludmila's audition for YouMix. Essential Piano Repertoire Level 3 (from 17th, 18th and 19th Cent. When Violetta and Francesca arrive, they see Camilla on stage and everyone told they must sing. When Violetta sees him lying in a coma, she is extremely worried. Ludmila is fired from YouMix for revealing that her relationship with Felipe was a publicity stunt, and Violetta discovers it was German who sent the email to Leon. Herman gets slightly sarcastic about it. Ludmila tries to cover up her dismissal from YouMix. Violetta is upset after she discovers that Herman is Jeremiah. Ludmila dresses as Violetta and disconnects all the cables so that Violetta will get kicked out of the show and Ludmila can take her place. He encounters Ludmila and starts flirting with her. Ludmila and Violetta have to share a room. Violetta sees through Herman's lie and is furious at him for being so childish. Andres asks Lara to attend the party and she does much to Leon's surprise. Milton drives some of the students away from the studio with his aggressive methods. Violetta and Francesca make up, but Diego is upset by Francesca's decision to move to Europe. Diego wonders why Violetta is avoiding him. When Herman couldn't finish the song, Ramallo gave it to Violetta, who completed it. Esmeralda follows German and saw him enter a Chinese restaurant where she saw him as a kitchen helper. Ramallo then talks to Leon and reveals to him that part of the song Violetta was working on was actually written by Herman from one of Maria's poems that she wrote while pregnant with Violetta. When Angie found out about it, she and Violetta talked, and Violetta convinced Angie about that she should move to France. Herman tells Violetta that it's always worth to love someone with all your heart. Angie talks to Antonio and gets given a scholarship for Violetta so that she can return to the Studio. Emma and Andres go out on a date. Leon goes over to Violetta's house and tells her that the relationship between him and her is over and that he's officially dating Lara. Gery finds out about Roxy and asks Alex's help to unmask her. The time has come for reunions as everyone is reconciled. Violetta decides to leave the Studio, which makes everyone upset. Diego decides to cause trouble between Leon and Lara so he confronts Leon and asks why was he singing to Violetta during the exercise given from Pablo. Lara and Leon keep on getting closer and closer. Violetta refuses to talk to Diego after what he did to her and goes to Leon for comfort. Je suis débutante et, sincèrement, je suis ravie de suivre tes cours. This makes Herman realize that you can't get anywhere with a lie, which leads him to quit his job on the Studio. She tries to cheer him up by singing and gets praised by the YouMix Europe people. Met de NOS-app ben je altijd en overal op de hoogte van het laatste nieuws en de laatste achtergronden. Violetta is honest in saying that her heart doesn't believe in him. Broduey realizes that when Camila was with Seba, he truly loves her. Leon joins Violetta on stage and kisses her in front of everyone. After hearing Violetta talk about his daughter, Carlos allows Francesca to stay in Bueno Aires with her aunt and uncle. She gets jealous and confronts Leon, thinking he lied to her. Violetta goes to the doctor with Marotti. Fede joins the boys' band. Ludmila agrees to leave the studio to pursue her career at YouMix. Ludmila quickly takes action and decide to sing instead of her. This makes her stop singing half way through the first chorus. Ludmila destroys Camila's tablet because it contained a video of her obviously in love with Federico. Lara gets jealous and walks away from her date with Leon. Gregorio hides and defends Naty's secret about framing Jackie. Leon is really missing Violetta. Federico refuses to help Ludmila with her schemes against Violetta, causing Ludmila to leave angrily, saying she hates him. Leon tells Lara that he's going to do the Studio's show and she says that he can't be in two places at once. "Too much disappointment for Violetta 3rd part". German and Esmeralda meet at a cafe, and Herman is immediately impressed. Violetta waits for the right moment to tell German about Priscila being responsible for her accident. Marketing people at YouMix want to hear Violetta sing, therefore Marotti says that she should lip-sync. Violetta tells Francesca and Camila that maybe Diego has changed, and Camila tells Francesca that she kissed Maxi. Meanwhile love blossoms for German. Violetta is worried that without her shoes, she cannot do the show. Avant de te lancer bille en tête et d’acheter une guitare, une méthode, de prendre des cours ou de regarder toutes les vidéos disponibles sur internet, il est sage de se poser quelques questions.. Tu pourras y répondre très facilement et elles te permettront de gagner beaucoup de temps par la suite. However, he wants to keep it a secret for now, to avoid trouble with Gregorio. Jade and Clement grow close, and Priscila has Angie's car brakes sabotaged. Violetta decides to terminate her contract with YouMix, Pablo resigns from the studio, and Angie returns to comfort Violetta. Continuons sur cette belle lancée de musiques de film avec Comptine d’un autre été, morceau mémorable du Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain. Esmeralda and Herman decide to have an engagement party. Violetta and Leon find it hard to stay just friends. They find a clue that could help figure out who his father is. Felipe, a Spanish YouMix artist arrives and is asked to fake a romance with Ludmila for publicity. At the same moment, Diego and Lara appears. Gregorio quits after being teased too much by Jackie. Angie arrives on time to give Violetta her shoes. 10,768 were here. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. When Leon finally answers Violetta's calls, he tells her that they should just be friends and she reluctantly agrees. Francesca thinks Marco has stood her up for their meeting at the park. When Marco and Francesca decide to remain friends, Francesca admits her feelings for Diego. Leon confronts Gery about posing as Violetta. Violetta vows to get over Leon, and Felipe kisses Naty. Ana lies to Francesca and tells her that Marco fooled them both. Did Violetta push her? The police tell Herman and Violetta have to leave their house within 24 hours in order to pay Herman's bail. After performing, she hugs her father and he says that the three of them - Herman, Violetta and Maria - are in this song. Federico tries to cheer up Violetta by singing 'Lights, Camera, Action', but it only makes her annoyed. "Un error que no tiene perdón, una canción". Leon loves the song but he still doesn't know why Violetta is feeling so sad. Olga is deeply shocked by Ramallo's sudden disappearance. Violetta overhears Camila and Francesca talking about her leaving. Diego is getting frustrated since Violetta is ignoring him, even though the reasons why she's ignoring him is because she lost her voice and doesn't want anyone to know. Ballade pop et envoûtante, c’est un morceau de piano de choix pour marcher sur les traces des Beatles ! Violetta has a dream about her and Leon. Lara tells Leon that she's not going to make him chose between music and motocross. Ludmila and Camila are the first to perform and then the boys' band sing 'Come With Us'. Leon faces a dilemma. Violetta suggests that Esmeralda should come and live with her and Herman, this makes Angie very angry. Violetta is mad at Leon because she saw him with Gery. In the end, they perform "Always Dancing" together. Leon clarifies that he was only saying goodbye to Lara and isn't with her anymore. She is not allowed to continue with YouMix. Violetta suggests that she and Leon should get back together. Leon asks Roxy out in front of Gery, who is consumed with jealously. Meanwhile love blossoms for German. Leon and Violetta clear up the misunderstandings and get back together, after promising each other that they won't let anything come between them again. German threatens to tell Nicolas that Jade has bought the studio unless she reopens it. Violetta is overcome with emotion and goes on stage to sing the song. Violetta's dad tell her that she has gone too far and put her health in danger. When he sings, she has butterflies in her stomach. Leon sees Roxy, kisses her, and realizes the truth. Gregorio and Jade announce plans to put on a show in hope of finding a new sponsor. Ludmila and Diego have a plan to break Violetta's heart.While speaking to Pablo, Diego takes Leon's phone and messages Lara telling her to come to the Studio, Lara jumps for joy and arrives immediately. Olga is about to play a dirty trick on Ramallo in order to finally get a marriage proposal. Violetta was not able to go to Francesca's birthday party as she had to record a song. The next day, while she composed the famous song that words had inspired, Francesca comes to see Violetta. Violetta presents Angie's song. Francesca pretends she didn't overhear Diego talking with Ludmila. German and Angie try to deny their feelings after sharing a kiss. Spellen, Consoles & alle accessoires! Esmeralda just got news that Jade is missing and she gets really worried. Tempo surmontable, pas de difficultés ou pièges particuliers, le piano joue ici un rôle essentiellement rythmique. J’aimerais obtenir la partition complète de Hallelujah, identique à celle de Unchained Melody (avec les lettres). Leon confides in Roxy, and Jade tries to sabotage the engagement party. Pablo accidentally drops Gregorio to catch Angie during a trust exercise, injuring Gregorio's shoulder in the process. Naty notices Ludmila's interest for Federico. The studio is in financial trouble, and German warns Gregorio they may have to shut down. Ludmila and Federico convince Violetta to take part in the show, telling her that she's performed in much worse situations. Angie decides to leave the Castillo house, saying she has no place. Violetta does not believe him and even less Leon. He puts the teacher under group therapy. Leon walks away. Diego is happy he found Violetta, seconds after Leon sees her first, and spends the day with his girlfriend. The students try to come up with a closing song and everyone starts arguing about their ideas. When Violetta tries to expose her, she pushes her down the stairs and blames Ludmila. Violetta tries to tell him about Diego's lyrics but is too scared and decides to keep it a secret for now. Si le morceau n’est pas facile du début à la fin, la première partie est beaucoup plus accessible. However, they have a plan to convince her father to let her stay, but will they succeed? Esmeralda requests to have a part of Herman's fortune in her account, just in case Matias decide to leave again. Roxy withdraws from Leon, and he blames Violetta for coming between them. Violetta can't forgive German. Olga breaks up with Cardozo. At the studio, Diego, Andres, and Broadway want to form a band but Leon isn't sure and says he'll think about it. Broadway and the band are invited to attend a party and perform there. Naty stands up to Ludmila. Camila and Violetta are really worried. Jade reveals who Esmeralda is, and she runs away from the wedding. The students are rehearsing for the final show, but for some reason, Violetta can't sing. Ludmila arranges her audition with YouMix. Jade and Matias try to regain their freedom. Ludmila has contradictory feelings because she has driven German and Priscila apart. Here, Ludmila denies her feelings for Federico. Therefore, she covers it up by saying that the two of them should stay apart. Esmeralda is caught with a suitcase about to leave by Herman. Ludmila decides to resign from YouMix for fear of losing Fede, and Leon resolves to erase Violetta from his life. The plan for the four of them to travel is not met with much enthusiasm from the girls either. Just before she is about to go on stage, Violetta tells Leon that she never thought her and her father would be so distant. Francesca is furious and walks away from Marco. Violetta is furious with Diego for kissing her. Francesca and Camila get very angry with him and demand that he leaves, but suddenly Leon also arrives at the house and Francesca and Camila hide Diego in the closet, hoping Leon won't see him. This makes Violetta very scared. German announces that he is the new owner of the studio. Forum Sujets Réponses Derniers messages; L'actualité du PSG Pour débattre sur l'actu, les matches et les joueurs de l'équipe pro 1,145 She keeps on doubting herself. He later tells Leon who gets angry. Quelques heures d’entraînement et à vous l’un des morceaux préférés des Français ! After collapsing on the stage of "Art Rebel" Leon is rushed to the hospital. Leon accuses Violetta of sabotaging the record label meeting in front of everyone, Jade calls off her wedding, and Alex fools Violetta into believing Gery and Leon are a couple. And Beto has fallen in love with Olga. Violetta is heartbroken and feels like she has lost her father. Ludmila is jealous at Naty because she sang karaoke with Federico. Nicolas agrees to sell the studio to German. Violetta's dad forbids her to sing again. Shes leaves the house upset. Violetta thinks Leon tells her bad things about Diego because he wants her away from him. Angie says she'll have it, only if it's small. Violetta heads downstairs confused when Leon enters thinking that the reason she hadn't been answering his calls because she was with Diego. Que voulons-nous dire par là ? German pays the debt and becomes the new manager of the studio. De grootste Xbox One winkel van NL Games €2,- Voorraad, morgen in huis 2 maanden garantie Keurmerk Lage verzendkosten Ophalen in Nijmegen of bestel veilig, snel en goedkoop op Trouvez des conseils et fournisseurs pour vos travaux, votre AG et l'entretien de votre immeuble. Olga is left desperate. Ludmila finds out about the plan about Seba pretending to be Naty, and when Ludmila tries to reveal it, Naty is back on stage, playing like never before. Maxi eventually calms her down, by kissing her. Francesca believes Ana and walks into Marco, telling him that she doesn't want to see him ever again. Ludmila once again nags Diego to get Violetta out of the studio. Diego runs into Ludmila and tells her that he hates seeing someone in pain because of him, with tears in his eyes. Violetta is angry when Diego causes trouble between her and Leon, and Francesca meets a big fan of hers and falls for him. Camila finds out that she is leaving. Angie refuses to leave the studio, Gregorio finds out about Jade's money, and German resolves to tell Leon the truth about the email from Violetta. It has elements of gospel and soul music. Étape 1 : Commencer par se demander ce que l’on veut faire avec sa guitare. Violetta does not like the look that Marotti has given her, so she convinces him to let her be herself. Ludmila tries to stop Diego telling the truth about her to Federico. Une mélodie répétitive et de longs accords, soit un morceau de piano très accessible. Lara wants to leave Leon and focus on her career after he calls her Violetta. ... Angie des The Rolling Stones, Puisque tu pars de Jean-Jacques Goldman, Whilst singing How Do You Want (Me To Love You), Violetta has a vision about her and Leon. Marotti has got his lawyers involved since Herman won't let Violetta sing for YouMix. In return, Violetta warns Lara that Leon is the worst person she knows and she should stay away from him as well. Diego and Marco get admitted into the studio, unfortunately, DJ does not get in, this makes him really upset. definition of - senses, usage, synonyms, thesaurus. Leon says 'I love you' to Violetta and she tells him she loves him too and that this is destiny. Francesca tells Marco that she is moving back to Italy. Violetta and Diego are told to practice their duet for the show, not knowing that Diego is recording the whole thing. He tells her that nothing is going on between him and Ludmila. Violetta continues to keep her secret, Nicolas proposes to Jade, and Angie sees German in his wedding suit and confesses that she would take Priscila's place. This prompts Leon and Andres to lead a brainstorming session with Maxi, Naty, Camila, Broduey and Diego for ideas for the lyrics. Angie is appointed as Violetta's tutor once more. Leon decides to leave the studio, so Pablo desperate to makes him stay at the studio, lets him continue with his motor cross and singing at the same time. Leon is in hospital after his accident and Violetta is worried about his condition. Ludmila and Violetta become closer. Violetta tries, but can't get Leon out of her mind. Gregorio is furious with Angie for agreeing to German's new position at the studio.

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